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Mongolians are nomads, they move in tribes in the deserts of Mongolia and have developed over the centuries beliefs based on natural phenomena: volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, etc. This astrology is based around nature, local wildlife but also the movements, positions and relationships of the sun, the moon, the five main planets of the solar system and the constellations.

Mongolian astrology was born thanks to the observation conditions they still enjoy today. It was also influenced by Chinese civilization and Buddhism. The transmission of this knowledge is essentially oral, there are few written records on these subjects.

The Mongols are a nomadic people. They live in tribes in the deserts of Mongolia. Very close to Nature, they have developed over the century's beliefs based on natural phenomena: volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, etc. In history their empire was vast, in order to overcome their fear of natural elements, they preferred to attribute qualities to them. The Mongolian horoscope is based on these beliefs. It is calculated according to the day of birth. The year and the month do not matter. A sign is defined on a maximum of three days. There is a total of 10 signs in the Mongolian horoscope.

GEYSER (Born on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of the month): You are This is the most unstable sign. The natives of Geyser are generally more eccentric, they have a fiery character. They like to live at full speed, the rest is a waste of time! The energy of the Geyser seems infinite, limitless, but others may feel exhausted at their touch. Indeed, it is not always easy to follow them. They are talkative people, ideas fuse in their heads. The Geyser can do many things at once, answer multiple questions in record time and engage in new conversations.
The dialogue with them is never dead. This sign is a ball of energy, everywhere and never really there, it tends to scatter. His versatility can quickly turn into default if he is not careful. The best is to learn to channel your energy by trying to set up constructive projects. Your inconstancy is universal, both in everyday life and in love. To keep you, you have to make tomorrow a new day. Without being unfaithful, you do not like to engage in a relationship. It scares you. Thinking wedding, engagement, you angst. If the relationship remains light, free but deep despite everything, then you will easily find your happiness.

CAVE (Born on the 4th, 5th or 6th of the month): You are This is the most honest sign; its righteousness of mind is recognized in Mongolian astrology. The Cave represents justice and fairness. The natives of the Cave do not like mockery, baseness of spirit. For you, only sincerity has value. You forgive others easily, but their apologies must be entirely sincere. Basically, you are not a spiteful person who ruminates. In appearance cold, distant, we can take you as someone pretentious. In fact, this attitude is only a mask. However, you have a hard time accepting the faults of others, you would like to change them so that they improve. Your love of justice can quickly become a defect, when it becomes obsessive. This moral sense encourages you to be lonely, because it is not appreciated by all. It is your moralistic side that annoys others. In and of itself, you are not a bad person, but always blaming others, does not work in your favor. You are not looking for love. All this does not matter to you. Nevertheless, it would be better to temper your sense of justice a little, in order to keep your close friends.

SEA (Born on the 7th or 9th of the month): You are. Sign of great will, strength and courage. You have the energy of the ocean. Nothing stops you. A goal is set, you will go to the end! You go without thinking. Your power can be devastating if you do not pay a little attention. In love, the same, passion will prevail over reason! You need warmth, emotions, movement. Your temperament is full of passion, but this crazy energy attracts more than one. You love to party, and, in a couple, you will be the "chef". From you will come new ideas, projects, outputs. Whoever loves me follow me? This is your motto. The others appreciate you a lot, you have a lot of friends. Your popularity rating continues to increase. Your optimism is a source of comfort to many people. You bring a note of cheerfulness. At a party, you put the animation. The sea is sociable. But this need to always be in action hides a sickly fear of failure.

DESERT (Born on the 10th, 11th or 12th of the month): You are. The desert is a mysterious sign. Desert natives are great dreamers, you never know what they think. They are a little absent in the world. People are afraid to approach you, so you seem to live outside of reality. We are always afraid to disturb you. Yet friends who dare to come and talk to you will not be disappointed, you will open your heart easily. Your hypersensitive character participates in this desire elsewhere. You take refuge in your dreams so as not to suffer too much from reality. You are looking for an ideal, utopian by nature, you dream of a perfect world. You often think back to childhood with nostalgia, from the time when you still believed in fairy tales and fairies. Childhood is the source of your inspiration. Your adult life often weighs you; you would like to find the natural lightness of children. People who do not know you take you for an original person, a little eccentric. But those who love you know that you are a tormented artist, who only finds happiness through creation.

MOUNTAIN (Born on the 13th, 14th or 15th of the month): You are. This is the sign of stability. The mountain does not move. You are an honest, balanced person you can rely on. If one of your friends has difficulties, you will always be there for him. In love you give all of you, you do not hesitate to question yourself, but sometimes your sense of sacrifice can make you very unhappy. Especially if you come across people who take advantage of your kindness. Try to protect yourself from the manipulators. You will always think of the happiness of the other before yours. This quality prevents you from making the most of existence. The best thing would be to find the right balance between self-giving, and the pleasure of living. Choose your relationships well. And think of you from time to time. It's not selfish, just vital, sometimes.

GLACIER (Born on the 16th, 17th, or 18th of the month): You are. This is the most individualistic sign of the Mongolian zodiac. Solitary, he likes to rely only on himself to advance. His own interest often goes before that of others. The Glacier does not like failure. When he undertakes something, it is to succeed. His ambition is limitless and forces admiration. You often impress people around you. When you are intimate with a person, however, the ice melts. You are exquisitely sweet and here you reveal all your flaws. Because behind this apparent indifference lies a poorly controlled hypersensitivity. Only your most intimate partners will know you really. However, you would like to show others who you really are, only something prevents you, you cannot express your emotions in society. So, the mask of the ambitious person is easier to take. Let the ice melt more often, your loved ones will appreciate.

The PLAIN (Born on the 19th, 20th and 21st of the month): You are. The Plain is serene, calm, in harmony with all that surrounds it. At his touch we feel so light. This sign loves sincerity and the beauties of things. You get out of your hinges with difficulty, your calm is soothing for those around you. You are able to control your anger. Honest and frank, your qualities are also your weak point. Indeed, you would like others to be just as good as you in their behavior. But betrayal exists and it's something you have a hard time accepting. Your franchise can also hurt the other without wanting to, you can not lie. In a romantic relationship you will think first and foremost to make your partner happy. But be careful not to choke your half too much, leave him some space. Dialogue is a big part of your life, for you a real relationship is only possible through exchange. Your kindness makes you vulnerable, beware of profiteers. Dare to say when something is wrong, because dialogue is also about saying the positive and the negative. Do not forget it. No happiness possible, if you sacrifice yourself without ever thinking of your happiness to you.

VOLCANO (Born 22, 23 or 24 of the month): You are. You are full of energy. Explosive, extroverted, you are afraid of nothing. You dare to express yourself, to party, to act for pleasure. Your humor is one of your best qualities. Your friends appreciate you for this whimsical side that never leaves you. You always seem zen, detached and this joie de vivre is intoxicating for those around you. On the other hand, you are a free person, nobody will ever be able to have the hand-put on you. You need some space. You are executing the constraints. Life is made for pleasure; you are an epicurean at heart. For you life is a game, but sometimes there are dramatic situations that force us to act for the good of the other. We cannot laugh at everything, be there for each other, it is also able to help in case of need. Your humor can also serve you because people do not take you seriously. All your skills remain in the shadows. You do not know how to put them forward. We must learn to be serious from time to time, to be better considered by those around him. As a couple, you are easy going, you have unexpected attentions. We love you for that. Habits do not exist. Your imagination makes your love life wonderful.

ARCHIPELAGO (Born on the 25th, 26th and 27th of the month): You are You live day to day, without asking useless questions. Happiness lives in the moment. The future or the past does not interest you, the present alone fills you. You will always prefer leisure rather than work. We only have one life and we have to enjoy it. Sociable, you have no trouble making friends. Of a happy nature to attract the world around you. Your energy is exciting for everyone. You give a good mood to those around you. Your smiles are irresistible. On the heart, fidelity is not for you. You prefer to make the most of life and multiply partners for each time to discover new things. Love is a new journey, every time, and you love to sail.

FJORD (Born on the 28th, 29th, 30 and 31st of the month): You are. The natives of this sign are serene, balanced, they live fully in reality. With your feet on the ground, you do not doubt, you are optimistic and do not hesitate to discover new things. In your life you like to plan adventures. A trip will always be scheduled in advance. Novelty must be predictable, otherwise it scares you. You have a great sense of organization. You are sociable and sincere in friendship. In love like that, you do not lie, and you give it your all. You will not engage lightly; everything will be well thought out before. Short-lived adventures do not please you, on the contrary, you need stability. Fidelity is very important to you. Love is a commitment that is not taken lightly. You hate to waste your time in sterile relationships. You are not a particularly ambitious person, happiness is a simple thing finally, and surely it is not in the accumulation of material goods. You prefer to have a calm life, tidy, balanced, serene. To live in safety, the warmth of a home, the laughter of children, all these things make you dream, and you will hold your whole life to this happiness there. When you have found your soul mate, you will build with her, very beautiful things.

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