Neptune in retrograde

Written by Mary

A "retrograde" planet means in other words that a planet is moving back from its usual trajectory, relative to a point of observation from Earth. But in reality, it is an optical illusion that comes from the fact that there is a difference between the speed of movement of a planet and that of the earth. This visual manifestation leads to the fact that the star concerned will stay longer in a certain portion of the Zodiac, and will therefore affect us longer, but also in a different way.

A retrograde planet is going to have difficulties radiating its potential and expressing the best of itself during this retrograde period. In a natal chart, a retrograde planet emphasizes the need to work the energy of a planet, in order to overcome restraints.Neptune is in retrograde for about 158 days, for just over 5 months each year.Neptune is one of the slowest planets and its position is much more about the community, a whole generation. their influence may, however, become more personal in certain situations.

Neptune in retrograde allows us to revisit our limits, both in our relationship to the outside world and within ourselves. This moment of internalization and this return to the origin of our personality, gives us the possibility of bringing together in a single whole all the elements that compose us. Some illusory goals, dreams or ideals too far from reality can be reconsidered and we can approach our aspirations with a more realistic attitude.

As the influence of Neptune is very subtle, you will need important aspects of the natal chart to become aware of its effect. It revives feelings deep inside us but that have a significant impact on our behavior. This phenomenon allows us to understand the reasons for our vague discomfort, it encourages retirement, to be closer to our inner nature, to strengthen our creative or inventive power. But there is also the risk that this tendency to imprisonment will turn into a flight, and an escape from reality. Neptune is in retrograde, how does it impact your sign?


Neptune in retrograde will push the active Aries to follow their inspiration and take new initiatives to achieve their ideals. It is exalted that Aries will do everything to achieve happiness. But, they must be wary of not adopting an unrealistic attitude, because if this is the case, they may reap some disappointment.


The presence of Neptune will allow Taurus to refresh their mind, listen to their deep intuition, satisfy their need to isolate themselves and refocus on the essential. However, if their ideal is turned only to their material success, Taurus will encounter some frustrations and disappointments. Privileging simplicity will be in order!


The Gemini ruled by Neptune will be forced to stop pursuing several goals at once and dispersing themselves in all directions. This period of retrograde will put them in front of themselves and force them to sort out what is superfluous and what is essential. This phase may confuse them and make them particularly worried.


Cancer is losing footing and becomes anxious as soon as they are not in control of a situation. With Neptune in retrograde, their emotions and intuition will be amplified. They will need more than ever to take refuge in their cocoon and to be surrounded by their family. They must be careful not to run away from reality or to be overwhelmed by nostalgia.


With Neptune in retrograde, the Leo will tend to adopt a theatrical attitude to escape reality. Their imagination will be full of original ideas. But instead of wanting to shine at all costs, they had better take stock and look closely at their expectations and desires. Above all they need to stay connected to the essentials!


The presence of Neptune will be an excellent stimulant to boost the imagination of Virgo. Thus, they will be able to use her potential with great success to take new initiatives. In addition, being forced to look at things with more hindsight will lead them to take a close look at events and act wisely.


With Neptune in retrograde, Libra will be extremely sensitive and caring, and will tend to sacrifice themselves for those around them. Their vision of love will be totally unrealistic and will lead to some disappointments. However, Libra will use its intuition and inspiration to change the appearance of everything and live a life that is less materialistic.


The presence of Neptune will allow Scorpio to radically change or eliminate within themselves, as well as around them, everything that seems obsolete, inappropriate and old-fashioned. Their intellectual curiosity will lead them to analyze all situations closely and opt for the necessary transformations.


Sagittarius will be able to count on Neptune's presence to use their transformative power to renovate habits, update rules and regenerate received ideas. With this transit, whatever the field, Sagittarius will be full of good will to act positively and adopt a more realistic attitude.


Despite the vagueness and confusion brought about by Neptune in retrograde, Capricorn has all the qualities to act wisely and be lucid and effective in the realization of their projects. However, they will have difficulty in questioning themselves and will prefer to withdraw rather than face reality.


With Neptune in retrograde, Aquarius will have stronger emotions and will express themselves even more unusually than they do now. However, they will seize the opportunity to initiate profound changes within and will adopt a solidarity and tolerant behavior towards those around them. They will, however, be wary of utopian projects and keep a sense of reality.


The presence of Neptune will accentuate the sensitivity, imagination and intuition of Pisces. With this transit, Pisces will seek solitude to escape external influences. They will take advantage of the time that passes to delve into a world of illusions and give more importance to emotions and dreams. A certain vulnerability will make them more dependent on those around them.


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