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Written by Alison

Are you unemployed and desperate to find a suitable job? You really want to follow a training, but you do not know which to choose? Do you feel that you deserve a promotion that does not come?
Work is a very important part of our lives; it is legitimate and desirable to ask the right questions and to answer them.

For this, you can count on David and his chronicles full of good humor, tips and tracks to evolve in your socio-professional life, to highlight your best talents, to discover trades of which you were totally unaware of the existence or to argue effectively in front of a demanding boss. Whatever your professional problem, David will always have a smart and practical solution to offer you!


Gemini, the most spiritual of the twelve signs, is very talented in subtle word games, puns pulled by the hair, accents and comic voices. This sign gives excellent imitators and ruthless observers. In theater or cinema, he is especially sensitive to the acting and the construction of the story. The big repetitive jokes, the heaviness of style do not amuse him and his cruel taunts can even disturb his armchair neighbors. But making fun of others is often a delicate game in this sign that does not necessarily realize the ravages it causes in certain trusts... Written by David


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