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Leisure and releases news

  Written by Alison

Whether sporty or contemplative, handyman or dreamer, lonely or sociable, David always has great ideas to furnish your leisure. He talks about board games, sometimes forgotten or unknown, he puts you on the trail of sports activities out of the ordinary, he gives you hints of DIY, he even tells you the best way to take a nap! For David, leisure is synonymous with pleasure and he leads you, very quickly in this optimistic vision of free time.

Whether scrapbooking, windsurfing, knitting, cooking or horticulture, there is no doubt that you will find the most fulfilling occupation in this colorful section and teeming with ideas as unusual as fun and informative!

Bring good enough at home

Bring good enough at home

from David, the 16/10/2019

You just broke a mirror into a thousand pieces? Did you enter your house with an open umbrella? Forget the four-leaf clover... Without going to an exorcism session and expelling a green slime on your neighbor, it is recommended to use salt, which is considered a real antidote to bad luck: take a salt bath purifies your body and rids it of negative waves; it's the same for your home by scattering sea salt all over the room. Burning incense like benzoin or sage cleanses your interior and eliminates bad vibrations. If that is enough to make you feel good again, you will at least have acted on your bad beliefs. You can also do it at your office, but we do not guarantee you the best effects: you could pass for a kind of mystic that went wrong!

Scrapbooking: the art of tinkering without pretension!

Scrapbooking: the art of tinkering without pretension!

from David, the 12/10/2019

To make a scraps book, amateurs of practical work will find their account because it is very fun, and it calls for free creativity. First, think about gathering some pictures around the same theme (the birth of your baby, a wedding, holidays...). The choice of your papers is very important: printed, plain, acid-free, vellum, mulberry: go hunting at a well-stocked stationer. Then, resize your photos to crop them while highlighting thematic elements, given free rein to your imagination with cuts in square, circle, polygon, rhombus etc. Keep the falls that could serve you further on a creative level. Highlight your photos on pop and fun backgrounds. Comment on your photos with decorative titles, you can use colorful alphabets. You do not have to load your pages but, on the contrary, air them to highlight your photos. Finally, the golden rule is to have fun valuing this slice of life you choose, no matter if it's a bit awkward.

Stone-paper-scissors-well or the Shifumi

Stone-paper-scissors-well or the Shifumi

from David, the 10/10/2019

If you are bored with your colleagues or want to have a little fun with your children, the stone-paper-scissors-well does not cost a round because it is played with the hands and created good slices of fun. It can also help make decisions in a flip-flop way, but in a more playful way. The rule is very simple: 2 players use their hand to give it one of four possible forms. The strongest wins the game when he reaches 5 points. Count backwards and three, have the intuitive hand! If you play the stone, you will have closed your fist: the stone beats the scissors but loses against the well or the paper. If you play the paper, it covers the stone and the well but loses against the scissors that cut it. To imitate a pair of scissors, close the fist and extend the forefinger and middle finger away: the scissors cut the paper but fall into the well or break against the stone. To designate a well, the index finger and the thumb will form an O. So, are you ready?

Does music soothe the savage?

Does music soothe the savage?

from David, the 20/09/2019

Certain sound frequencies instantly cause a change of state of consciousness. These specific programs can help us relax deeply in a matter of minutes, reduce anxiety or even experience intense joy, even a great renunciation of bliss. NASA would have even broadcast the song of the earth to its astronauts, so that the vibratory frequency helps them to keep foot, so to speak, or to make them unreasonable. The Ruhr University in Germany has published a study in which the works of Mozart and Strauss would significantly lower the blood pressure of their listeners. Another study published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal shows that listening to music in the operating room would improve surgeons' actions, making it more accurate and faster. The tempo, the melodic consonance, and the fluid, lively and joyous structure of Mozart's musical phrases would contain that very something I do not know that is very appreciated by our being. A word to the wise...

Gemini and diets

Gemini and diets

from David, the 20/08/2019

Gemini has a relationship to food of the most atypical. The idea that he will eat matters to him more than what he actually swallows. Three-quarters of the time, he just nibbles throughout the day and when he finally decides to sit down to the table, it turns out that he often has eyes bigger than the belly and finishes only rarely his plate. By pecking day and night, Gemini may see a malfunction of his metabolism. Specializing in small snacks as quickly swallowed as forgotten, his nibbling may be imperceptibly the cause of some extra pounds.

The slime for parents!

The slime for parents!

from David, the 11/07/2019

If you have children, especially teenagers, you may have heard about this weird thing from another planet. The slime (pronounced "slaim") is a viscous and colorful paste that does not stick and comes from the name of the green ghost "Jelly" in the movie Ghostbusters. This is more and more fury on social networks and represents no other interest than to mix or knead to relax and have fun. This creative craze gives our budding chemists the delirious desire to add their own personal touch with beads, glitter, pearls and so on. Of course, we can get this pot paste, but it is recommended to take the box to European standards, it is more careful because of "borax", the detergent that has been controversial because it causes burns if it is poorly dosed. The other small problem, but preventable, is to avoid putting all over his clothes or walls. So, be careful!

Waiting for spring...

Waiting for spring...

from David, the 19/05/2019

If you have exotic desires, know that Cuba can be a beautiful destination thanks to its mild season that extends from November to May with an average of 24°. The island can satisfy as much your thirst for cultural discoveries with Havana, its capital with rich heritage, as your desires for relaxation with its beaches of white sand and turquoise waters in Varadero where the temperature is ideal. In the evening, in the street of the legendary Bar Calle 62, we dance the salsa and you can directly follow in the discotheque Havana Club, nearby. The Latino hits set fire to the track and the crowd dancers waddling glued-tight until dawn. If you are fonder of Cuban music live, you can migrate to the side of the Casa de la Musica where groups of excellent artistic level occur. And if you enjoy more rock waves, go to the Beatles Bar where very good Cuban rockers put the atmosphere on stage outdoors. It makes you want to go dancing?

Two, three places in Paris

Two, three places in Paris

from David, the 24/06/2018

Parisians and others, if you granted yourself a peaceful or romantic stroll in the corners of the capital? For lovers, the idyllic Medici fountain, built in the 17th century, attracts those who love each other but not only, you can throw a piece into the bottom while making a wish for it to come true; the legend attracts crowds of tourists. For nature lovers, you can immerse yourself in the garden Albert-Kahn, a haven of peace of 4 hectares where are gathered the world of plants from around the world, a Japanese garden, an English garden, a French garden, a forest blue, a rose garden... A little magic for the eyes. Finally, for movie lovers in search of charm, take your steps to cult cinema "The Luxor" where you can eat on the third floor thanks to a terrace overlooking the Sacred-Heart. The artisanal wines are tasty and the cuisine fine and digestible. However, you will have to pay for your entrance ticket in order to access it.

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