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Written by Alison

New technologies have now invaded our lives. Internet, smartphone, tablet, everyone is connected but many are outdated. With David, explore the unsuspected resources of your smartphone, learn to surf your computer safely or clean your tablet properly.

David gives you his methods to better manage your virtual diary, to buy online without risk or unpleasant surprises, to make the most of these new resources without leaving you trapped. The Internet is the best or the worst invention according to the use that one makes of it. With David, take the best and avoid the worst of the web!

The tips of your smartphone

If your smartphone does not have a lot of battery and you are not in ideal situation to reload it, activate the plane mode: it is the best option to recharge it faster. The "airplane mode" blocks all signals that require a lot of battery. Another tip: before sending a message, we are used to reread, erase, rewrite but erase a long text is not convenient; just shake the device to show the option "cancel the entry" and you're done. Another thing: when we surf on a site and the internet signal is bad to let go because we are in public transport, it is possible for us to remember the page we are consulting by activating the "download" button. Or "download" at the top of the screen on the pictogram that shows an arrow going down. Last little trick: if you lose your smartphone, you can use the function "find your mobile"; this will allow you to locate your device geographically and send a message to the one that will be in its possession or to activate an alarm that will help you locate it if you are not far away. Written by David

These strange predictions made a flop

In 1946, the great film producer, Darryl F. Zanuck, declared that no market would cling to television more than six months: "People will get tired of looking at a plywood box every night"... Some Years earlier, in 1943, Thomas J. Watson, CEO of IBM, claimed that the global market would be able to accept only about five computers in the world, no more. The inventor of Ethernet, Robert Metcalfe, declared in 1995 that, if the web was the big novelty of the year, it would not hold on 1996...! Even the creator of the cinema, Louis-Jean Lumière, was very pessimistic about his invention when he said that the talking cinema is very interesting, except that it would not stay in fashion very long. And Ray Kurzweil, researcher and futurologist, said in 1999 that "computers can recognize the face of their owner through a photo or video.” Who knows what new technologies are reserving for us? Written by David

The prophecies of Bill Gates

In 1999, the founder of Microsoft had made predictions in his book "Business @ speed of thoughts" which came true a few years later. Among his prophecies, he announced that we could contact our relatives or friends around the world through the Web. Through this portal, he said that we could schedule appointments and events to invite each other. Indeed, this feature exists on Facebook which has nearly 2 billion users but there is also WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat that allow it. He had also mentioned the emergence of software with which the entrepreneur could manage his business at different levels. To date, many companies are going through new technologies to simplify their work. Another forecast that has become commonplace today, as it is an integral part of our daily lives, is that of "small devices" that everyone would take with you to read the news, book a flight, consult the financial markets... Written by David

Some unknown options on your mobile

If you lend your phone to a friend or a third party, you may think that your personal information will be easily accessible by this new user or it is quite possible to protect your data by activating the "guest mode" on your Android device; simply go to the user's icon (top right of your screen) after which you will press "guest" and your private info become out of access. The other trick is unlocking the device: how often did you forget your password? If the answer is "several times", this combination is for you: download the application "screen lock - time password" which will allow you to turn the time of your mobile phone into a password! This means that your password changes continuously and cannot be found for others. Smart! Written by David


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