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Introduction: Intuitive, but anxious!

Pisces ascendant Virgo: You tend to intellectualize everything, to analyze everything and to question everything. You are discreet and rarely confide in anyone. Rather than worrying about decisions and splitting hairs, trust your intuitions: they are remarkable. You need to keep your hands as well as your mind busy: your skill, precision and sensitivity can produce very rewarding results in meticulous manual work.

Strengths of the for Pisces ascendant Virgo: Careful and focused
Weaknesses of the for Pisces ascendant Virgo: Emotional and fastidious

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Personality: Dedicated to the extreme

Of a benevolent, generous and devoted nature, you are deeply human, always ready to listen, to understand, to help. You like to feel useful. Family and friends are very important to you. Underneath your calm and thoughtful appearance, you hide a great deal of nervousness and anxiety. You have a great facility to escape to recharge your batteries. You will accomplish yourself by concretizing your capacities and it is on the professional level that you will find the most tangible proof of it.

Vitality / Temperament: Vitality on the rocks!

Learn to trust your intuitions which are remarkable. You are endowed with an eminently sensitive nature, which spontaneously leads you to nuance your opinions, to develop a finesse of mind, notably in your judgments and your values. You know how to make thorough syntheses without hiding a sense of reality without complacency. You know how to dissect your own emotions to better understand them. Your sharp mind pushes you to take a step back, to flee from impulsiveness before making your decisions.

Love and emotional relationships: Subject to illusions and addiction!

You are sensitive and full of good will, but you are also sometimes subject to illusions. You are entirely turned towards the union, the couple, the marriage. But your hypersensitivity may play tricks on you, because your tolerant flexibility quickly turns into emotional dependence. You aspire to a peaceful and romantic love life with a sensitive and orderly person, someone who knows how to combine security and romanticism in everyday life.

In the family: A peaceful and secure home!

In your family, you seek stability and harmony and you have the art of making life at home pleasant and smooth. But if you have an excellent practical sense, you do not tolerate that the unexpected upsets your established plans. You feel overwhelmed and become even more fussy. Frustrations make you even more devoted: you seek to help your loved ones and you can go to great lengths, even to the point of sacrifice, to keep your home and your couple together.

Relationship with money / material goods: Efficient, discreet and very reliable!

In the professional realm, you project a communicative and flexible image of your abilities and have a cerebral and analytical approach to your work. You tend to keep yourself cautiously in the background, avoiding responsibilities that you find stressful. You are a perfectionist, serious, yet very professional. You aspire to lead an orderly life, protected from any unexpected event. You are efficient, effective, you leave nothing to chance and you have a pronounced taste for work well done. But your penchant for perfection tends to make you anxious.

Socio-professional life: Various fortunes!

You are not always as organized as you would like to be, but you manage to hide your shortcomings well. You have good intuitions that will help you succeed in your financial life, you should not hesitate to take advantage of opportunities. Good and bad plans come suddenly into your life, you sometimes take excessive risks in your willingness to act.

Sphere of friendship: Need sincere friends!

Sensitive and emotional, you lack self-confidence and you are easily influenced by those around you. You need, for your balance, to maintain deep and harmonious relationships. When meeting people, you are shy, reserved, you take the time to observe and analyze before revealing your warm and friendly side. You need to feel useful to others, but do not go so far as to believe that you must constantly give to be loved.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in an earth sign

In your love life, you need fusion, osmosis and security. But you tend to be impressionable or overly devoted. At work, you lack confidence in yourself, but you carry out your tasks with seriousness and concentration.

Your sun and ascendant are in opposition

Your difficulty lies in controlling your emotions. Your rather changeable moods, dreamy temperament and anxiety can easily make you lose control of yourself and affect you more than you should.

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