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Introduction: Stable and durable!

Taurus ascendant Virgo: You are a rock in the lives of your loved ones. Immutable, reliable, discreet and faithful, you shine in a scrupulously managed routine, between a sharp sense of business, an excellent practical spirit and a sober temperament, predisposed to savings. You can be reproached at times for a lack of lightness or hindsight, but your affections are deep and lasting and you are exceptionally courageous.

Strengths of the for Taurus ascendant Virgo: Responsible and sober
Weaknesses of the for Taurus ascendant Virgo: Timid and petty

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Personality: A critical eye!

Your personality is both practical and intuitive, oriented towards analysis, common sense, but also refinement, the sense of nuances that life pushes you, over time, to develop. You will evolve through life without ever losing your need for stability, making your life a cocoon in which the chances of finding the unexpected are reduced to a minimum.

Vitality / Temperament: No room for the unexpected!

You are afraid of the unknown, of the unforeseen, which generates a lot of stress for you and this fear encourages you to control everything, to plan everything, to organize your life around reassuring habits and rituals. You are also looking for emotional security. A certain lack of audacity is involved, but to the benefit of the construction of your dreams.

Love and emotional relationships: Difficulty in revealing oneself!

The turmoil of your childhood makes you seek emotional and affective stability, the absolute basis of your balance. You have a great potential of tenderness, but your imagination pushes you to underestimate you, to see in you only the "utilitarian" side, leaving the other one the free field to exploit your ideas instead of you. You often need to be reassured in your sentimental life, confidence is essential in your eyes.

In the family: Excellent organizer!

You are very organized and appreciate a simple and practical routine. You are not lacking in energy to carry out your projects with your loved ones. However, you sometimes focus on unimportant details or react badly when something unexpected happens. You must accept the fact that no one is infallible.

Relationship with money / material goods: Useful rather than futile expenses!

You devote a lot of time and energy to ensuring the material security you need. You work methodically and rigorously, adopting a slow but very sure rhythm. Pragmatic, logical and rational, you know where you are going and you give yourself the means to reach your objectives. Serious, organized, you do not allow yourself any deviation or extravagance.

Socio-professional life: Attention to detail and a job well done!

You make a lot of effort to succeed professionally, to amass and make your assets grow. You have a highly developed sense of duty and responsibility. Productivity is your way of life. Nothing irritates you more than working in a state of uncertainty. You need to see the concrete results of your undertakings. A tireless worker, you are turned towards the idea of specialization, you are reassured when you feel that you master what you do.

Sphere of friendship: The friend you can always count on!

You are a friend and a very stable partner, reliable, faithful, listening. You are a true reference point for your entourage. You are selective in your friendships: you have few true friends to whom you are unfailingly attached.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in an Earth sign

Your good dispositions are sometimes overshadowed by a little too much immobility: you must overcome your blinkers, your ruts, get out of your comfort zone and spice up your daily life so as not to bore those around you.

Your sun and ascendant are in trine

You are natural, friendly, full of vitality and energy and you are loved for it, this aspect is particularly favorable if you work with a public

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