An amorous relationship for Libra and Pisces

Written by Alison

While Pisces dreams of osmosis and a perfect union, Libra looks for a way to defuse conflict and make their loves presentable. Each of you maintains the relationship by lavishing attention and sharing aspirations and common tastes. You have every chance to meet your idealisms, your ability to adapt for love, and your fantasies of a sublime union.

Love compatibility between Libra and Pisces

Pisces' imaginary world thrills Libra, who will be like a waking dream. Each one exudes a magnetism that fascinates the other. This couple might lack a bit of realism, and the material realities of life could suffer if neither one gets off their cloud. Libra can get tired of Pisces' nonchalance, while Pisces, for their part, can hold Libra's indecisiveness against them. In short, this is a quagmire of confusion...

Compatibility between a Libra woman and a Pisces man

This couple don't always understand one another, but always seek to be together, at peace, and to communicate openly rather than allow misunderstandings or conflict to arise. If both make the same effort to live alongside one another, their differences will fade - eventually into oblivion. This is a relationship to try out and to discover! This mix has the right stuff for creating a home around common values, but could just as well make for confusion when it comes to life's practical matters. Their intimacy looks to be extremely calm and filled with tenderness, as long as Pisces truly opens himself up to his partner, and as long as she cuts back on her socializing to keep their relation whole.

Compatibility between a Libra man and a Pisces woman

This will be a tough relationship for these two signs. Lady Pisces takes things one day at a time while sir Libra is only there half the time! These two signs will have to ask each other some tough questions if they want to stay together for any length of time and establish even a semblance of order within this somewhat chaotic couple! Still, Libra's charm will have a strong impact on the imaginative Pisces, whose fascination, coupled with sensuality, will be the perfect, ardent response to Pisces. That is, as long as they can get over their natural modesty!

Compatibility between a Libra woman and a Pisces woman

Pisces, you know how to enchant your partner with ease, who will be thrilled to dive into your charming world. Take advantage of this to assert yourself more and express your ideals, goals, and ambitions. She can't guess everything, though! Try not to be so secretive, and from time to time, let your partner's up's and down's surprise you. After all, she deserves his space as well, not to mention that her own natural, spontaneous gift for fantasy will be a pleasant distraction from your daily troubles. She will shoulder some of the weight of your responsibilities for you and will know how to support you when it comes to delicate matters.

Compatibility between a Libra man and a Pisces man

Libra seeks peaceful, balanced relationships, and a certain beauty in their everyday life. Pisces changes according to their subjective, and often dramatic, emotions. Libra can, however, comfort their life-long anxious partner, and Pisces can bring poetry and flexibility to their day-to-day life, but their overly ideal conceptions and hyperemotionality can tax even the most patient Libras... The emotional dependency between these two can overshadow the real reasons that will make them last. By becoming a little more willing, honest, and loving, you have the ability to construct a very creative life together.


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