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Written by Alison

The Black Moon is usually perceived negatively by revealing, especially, the mechanisms of our unconscious whose effect often escapes us. By indicating your date, time and place of birth, you discover yours (Note: for cities of birth, it is necessary to put the hyphens if there are any):

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The black moon is not a planet, nor even a solid body, it is an astronomical point, the second focus of the ellipse of the lunar orbit. It takes about 9 years to go through the zodiac and so remains approximately 9 months in a sign.

The black moon symbolizes our unconscious, our buried fears and, by extension, the type of energy that we lack and the behavior that this may entail. The black moon serves to better know oneself to better accept oneself.

The black moon is generally perceived negatively whereas it reveals especially the mechanisms of our unconscious and its effect escapes us often. Beyond our fears based on our childhood and our negative experiences, the black moon also colors our fantasies, it suggests the kind of person who could make us fantasize.

The Black Moon or Lilith expresses freedom, equality, revolt, rebelliousness. It indicates how you say no and how you assume it. It evokes your sense of the absolute, and it is in Lilith that your aspirations and your desires take their source. It is, therefore, by analyzing the Black Moon of your theme that you will know more about this desire to learn, create, evolve, and affirm who animates you.

On the other hand, the Black Moon also reveals your shadowy parts that act by making others suffer or by hurting them with behaviors or words. If, for example, you have the Black Moon in Virgo, you could have obsessive peaks, and you know how to use your words to hurt. If the Black Moon is in Aries, you are impulsive, especially when it comes to refusals, but you also have extraordinary abilities to surpass yourself. If your Black Moon is in Taurus, you find it easy to say no, and you do not change your mind, but it can slow down your ascent. By analyzing Lilith's house in your horoscope, you discover the nature of the wounds that make you suffer silently.

By understanding them, you can turn these weaknesses into strengths. The Black Moon describes pleasant things that have a hidden face. And when it is discovered, it is through pain or strange situations that inspire us to see beyond appearances. So, find out what sign your Black Moon is born in, and you will certainly understand a lot about the hidden side of your personality.

Learn to identify your fantasies and unconfessed desires by studying the position of your black moon in a sign!

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