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Venus: What place do you give to love?

Written by Alison

Venus symbolizes charm and femininity and the need to communicate with others. Discover its influences and the importance you attribute to love. By indicating your date, time and place of birth, you find out your Venus in sign and house (Note: for cities of birth, it is necessary to put the hyphens if there are any):

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Venus, like Mercury, is between the Earth and the Sun and, for mathematical reasons, is never very far from the Sun: either in the same sign or in one of the two adjacent signs. A native of Capricorn, for example, can not technically have Venus in Cancer!

When Venus is in the same sign as the Sun, she reinforces the characteristics of that sign and gives someone whole, feelings without nuance sometimes. When Venus finds herself in another sign, she comes to enrich their love life with different notions. She widens the field of experiences and emotions by completing or fighting the temperament of birth.

Venus is associated with feelings, with our way of loving, and, more generally, with relationships. It symbolizes charm and femininity in its seductive aspect. It is also the need to communicate with others. So, it reveals your behavior or the character you want to show to others.

Venus evokes the emotional and sentimental potential. It is with Venus that you seduce and love; it expresses the meaning of sharing and exchanges with your partner. It represents gentleness, zest for life, joy, spontaneity, creativity, and enthusiasm. It also translates to how you adapt to others, sincerity, tolerance, and artistic skills. It says a lot about receptivity, sensitivity, delicacy, and kindness. But it also explains instability, selfishness, narcissism, and frivolity. Venus is in analogy with house 2 and house 7. Her home is in Libra and Taurus, and she is in exile in Aries. Knowing which sign your native Venus is in indicates how you love and how you want to be loved.

If, for example, your Venus is in Aries, you are passionate and physical appearance matters to you, you can not stand romantic impulses and people who are not as dynamic as you. With Venus native in Taurus, you are affectionate and sensual, and you need someone who makes you feel secure, who is attentive to your needs. If your Venus is in Libra, you certainly have beautiful talents for decorating. The house in which your Venus is located indicates in which sector it expresses itself best. If, for example, your native Venus is in house 3, you are under the spell of a person with whom you can have great conversations, in house 6, your work is a source of happiness, and it is through this that you date and make friends. If your Venus is in House 7, she greatly favors marriage and indicates that you are good at creating harmonious relationships with others.

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