Venus in Libra: Long live the projects!

Written by Mary

Venus is going to leave the Virgo constellation and enter into one of its two home signs, the Libra constellation. Many of you will officialize a relationship, launch your own enterprise, put a definite end to a painful situation; in a word, affirm clearly your values by specific actions visible for everyone. If you didn't yet practise the constructive point of view, you will start thinking in this direction. New projects are taking shape, you are now more easily aware of your needs, which will naturally entail deeper comprehension of the others' needs. Rich conversations will teach you this a lot, in all the spheres. Don't run from your contacts, isolation will not do you any good with such a configuration!


This planetary transit full of contrasts is coming to animate the course of your existence and suggest you quite a number of occasions for showing what you are worth, pushing you at the same time to an inner modification that will bring to balance your perception of values. This transit of Venus into the sign opposite to yours will confront you to especially delicious circumstances. Your partner will be more receptive to your needs, you will shine more easily in your love nest. The key point is not to run into excess!


Your initiatives are supported by this lucky passage of Venus; your attitude being more diplomatic and warm than usual will help you to gain your interlocutors' favour. This is the perfect period if you wish to join a group, further develop a life-changing idea, consider retargeting of any kind. Your loving way is spontaneously reoriented toward more sentiment and lyricism in your love relations, take profit!


This highly positive change of planets is going to enhance you with new confidence and is bringing you a blow of luck, especially in the social sphere and relations. Your initiatives are supported, opportunities and new acquaintances will arise; this period is perfect for integrating into a group, considering an important transformation of life for a long term, uniting other people by an idea that fascinates you. Do not hesitate to open your mind to new things, to regain balance in your relations and deal with your inner needs.


You are about to experience a profound need for surpassing yourself and materializing your potentials, for making an effort to further advance in your projects. You will surprise the people around you by the seriousness and forethought that you demonstrate, immersed into your lab tubes. This period is perfect if you wish to start important changes, launch a long-lasting project, as you are able to overturn the obstacles that happen to be related to it. Your affections incite you to change some values that will help you step out of a too narrow life pattern, just surrender and see for yourself!


This positive planetary transit is bringing you an attractive stream of pure chance that will encourage you to roll up your sleeves in all the domains. You will see your popularity rise, supported by constructive optimism that is granting you more pragmatism in your reasoning and more self-possession in your creations. Your attitude in your private shell makes you into a severe seducer, able to find the words to lure, convince, force a breach in your partner's resistance. This is an ideal period for engaging in an artistic job, considering an important purchase or a career change.


Venus is leaving your sector, and this will provoke in you the last rush of practical sense and make you inclined intuitively to everything related to your security. In both affection and finance, you are coming across situations of which you'll be able to come out dry in order to stabilize things and deeply consolidate your experience. Mental excitement, agitation, striving for action, for out-and-out construction in the long view... You have to urge the things for reaching mental relaxation!


The entrance of Venus into your sign will not pass unnoticed. You are entering the period during which you will have a number of occasions not to be alone, private life is at the first plan and is intensifying your inborn sociability. It is your openness to others and to their views that will bring grist to your mill. New acquaintances will become a source of great pleasures, positive alliances are in view. This period is perfect if you are in contact with an audience or some customers, true luck is expected and the art and manner of getting your messages through. Outdoor entertainment, performances, leisure time are at your doorstep!


This transit of Venus will enhance your quite peculiar sense of humour and incite you to self-perfection, to attempts of gaining better understanding of yourself, especially by stronger control of your emotions. You will govern the latter in parallel with examining them and derive principles which drive your motivation. In love, it's a period of communication that will allow you to better understand how to seduce your partner... The wind is favourable in the social and professional sphere thanks to your perfectionism but above all to your tremendous insight.


This transit of Venus indicates the start of the period during which you will meet, by means of miraculous circumstances, some really favourable conditions resulting in higher appraisal of your personality. Attaining this is essential for you as you will feel a deep desire to improve the quality of your self-esteem. You will be more altruistic and unselfish than usual, more ardent than ordinary, the approval of people around you will be gained by your stunningly easy manners. Friendships and dislikes are less sharp, you are going to make deals!


This planetary transit is confronting you with situations that will allow you to go beyond your limits, in the domains related to your most sacred values. The unexplored will open to you and encourage you to new concepts. Step by step you will have a possibility to ameliorate your affective and social life if you preserve the long-term general view that is a prime necessity. Doubts regarding your value and hangups are rising to the surface, keep in mind that your lack of objectivity plays tricks on you. Your love relations will evolve towards communication that leaves you discontent, which you will compensate by stronger sensual outbursts than usual...


This deeply harmonic planetary transit will ease off the pain of your inner life. In fact, you will have an intense need for coming into phase with yourself and your absolute values, with which you will be in true accordance in your way of life. To achieve this you will need some exterior support that you will easily find, your considerable energy and greatly increased optimism will help you persuade the ones around you in the soundness of your ideals. You will reveal higher endurance and patience, especially in the sensual plan, which will bring you immediate benefit.


This harmonious planetary configuration will bring into your life a new serenity that will allow you to regain contact with your most profound ideals. You will be more persuasive than usual, more assertive and strategic; new perseverance is emerging in you, you will in general be well inspired in what you do, more profound in your personal opinions. In return this transit also promises a certain chance of falling into some indulgence, since excellent opportunities are coming too easily to you. The delight of life surrounding you could drop you down into love passivity...

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