Lunar Nodes and Karma

Written by Alison

Coming from the Indian tradition, Lunar Nodes are always in opposite signs of the zodiac. They form the same axis and are based on the idea that we must go through a spiritual path.

Astrologically, lunar nodes are not a tangible celestial body. They are merely the points of intersection between the lunar orbit and the plane of the terrestrial ecliptic. In other words, they are formed when the Moon moves from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere. Like all cyclic movements, the nodes will eventually make a complete turn of the zodiac wheel, which takes 18.5 years. But beware, the turn is in the opposite direction of the zodiac, unlike other planets (from Taurus to Aries and so on). It should be kept in mind, however, that some astrologers use the "true" nodes, while others prefer the "average" position. This notion is, of course, a little technical and sometimes generates a shift of only a few degrees. For non-specialists, one can very well refer to the positions given by the ephemerides of NASA.

What Does our Karma Say?

Lunar nodes are mostly used in karmic astrology. This axis informs us about our past, our experiences, and also about our life mission. In other words, they are based on the idea that we incarnate ourselves by bringing with us the fruit of our past lives. However, one is not obliged to "believe" in past lives to find interesting elements in their analysis. It can also represent simply a symbolic path.
The point that represents this passing is the South Node, which is also called the Dragon's Tail. It describes behavioural traits that we adopt effortlessly and instinctively. For the most advanced in karmic astrology, this point can even describe - by its position in sign, house, and by the aspects with the other planets a country, a typology of person, a financial condition, a character trait, such as being attracted by adventure, or not etc. This point can be used as a stepping stone to progress and to build on something solid. But the South Node also represents karmic debts, turmoil, and bad attitudes which we can not get rid of, especially in case of difficult aspects or if we cling to it with too much force.

On the contrary, the North Node or the Head of the Dragon represents our life's goal on Earth. It describes what we must strive for and our ideal of evolution. Naturally, it asks us to put in the effort because it is a question of progressing, of improving ourselves, and of discovering a new way of living and behaving. Some astrologers also see this point as the hallmark of our future incarnation: what kind of woman or man can we be in an improved version? A hard worker, focused on our inner life? etc. The same questions arise for the South Node, but for the future. In any case, even without believing in reincarnation, it's interesting to discover the hidden potential that will allow us to feel better. And this is what the study of lunar nodes allows.

The Rhythm of our Existence

Based on the duration of the astrological cycle, we can already predict key ages where the nodes will be at their birth position. They are:

18-19 years old: We become a young adult, and we become aware of our identity and the challenges that arise in a given environment (current incarnation).
37 to 38 years: This is the age of our first great achievements: we have chosen a profession, we have often become a parent, and we prepare for the turn of forty.
56-57 years: This is the moment of maturity. We can turn around and see the path we have accomplished. Perhaps it is to correct what should be and perhaps to embark on a final professional challenge.
74-75 years old: One can hope, if one understood their way of life indicated by the lunar nodes, to have acquired this famous wisdom which allows us to be in peace.

In sum, these periods often correspond to important stages in life, which force us to reconsider the path we have travelled. Without knowing it, we are inclined to take stock of our successes and failures that have marked us and to modify our behaviour according to our degree of maturity. It is often said that we are typically attracted by the sign and values / the house of the South Node: it is normal, this point represents a place that we know well. But if we want to evolve, we must learn to let go of what the South Node represents and move toward its opposite point, the North Node. It's often easier to do this with experience.

The position of the lunar nodes is always personal because if they are in the same sign for almost two years, the other positions of the planets or houses depend on our birth coordinates. So the aspects that flow from it are unique: they show us if we can count on support or restraints in our path of life, or if you must make sacrifices to hope to become a better person. It is, therefore, more or less "easy" depending on the case. Over time, we often learn to cut some slack and surpass ourselves and the trials that life imposes on us. This can be seen as opportunities to develop the acceptance of one's destiny. When we really succeed, it is because we are no doubt an old soul, who has already acquired accumulated wisdom.

Finally, we must also know that it is not a question of choosing the North Node and abandoning the South Node. It would be a mistake to do that. We must find a subtle balance between knowledge and discovery, between ease and challenge. It is, therefore, an art to determine if our actions are a good appreciation of the challenges.

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