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Overcoming loneliness according to your sign

Written by Mary

Is it possible to control the fear of loneliness? Even if it requires a strong will, sometimes with the help of a professional, it is nevertheless possible to start working on this phobia of loneliness on your own. Let us start with a series of advice appropriate to each astrological sign. Let us take an interest in each of them to find out how to overcome the problem of loneliness!


Taking action:
The only way to overcome your fear of loneliness is to face it by taking action. There is no need to twist, with your fiery temperament, you have to act. Staying petrified paralyzes your fear while acting significantly reduces the fear. Acting is your counterpoison! Pick up the phone to call back an old acquaintance or make an appointment with a professional manager, join a hiker's club. In short, get to the heart of the problem!


Awareness through your diary:
Keeping your own journal can have a great impact on your fear of loneliness. Start by asking yourself about your own ability to create a happy life and take care of yourself. This will lay the groundwork for a healthy future. Also, go back to the source of your fear, identify the trigger, and try to see how it has changed. You may make significant progress through this creative and liberating activity.


Breathing, meditating:
To cope with your fear of loneliness, get into the habit of meditating while breathing well. It has been shown that breathing has an obvious impact on the nervous system. In other words, breathing regularly through your stomach is a very good way to calm down and refocus on yourself. When your phobia of loneliness emerges, close your eyes, breathe deeply by quietly inhaling for 5 seconds and exhaling in the same way. You will definitely benefit from this exercise.


Talk to oneself:
A scientific study has sought to demonstrate that talking to oneself is very beneficial and reassuring. Above all, one should not hesitate to talk to oneself when the fear of loneliness comes: it is very encouraging to draw energy and strength to move forward. By putting words on our phobia, it loses its intensity and defuses itself. Most importantly, it helps to clarify your thoughts and to take power over your destabilizing phobic emotions.


Locate one's own influence:
It is by considering yourself as the most important person in your life that you will push away your fear of loneliness. Understand intimately (and not intellectually, this would have no impact) that you must rely on your skills and personal resources. With this strategy, you will overcome your fear of loneliness and become stronger and stronger with it. You might even understand that happiness does not necessarily knock on the door as a couple. But by loving each other for what you have in your heart.


Look for a logical explanation for your fear of loneliness. You have good skills to take charge and ask yourself the right questions. Lay your problem out flat; try to reason with yourself by asking yourself: Why do I feel so anxious? Is my fear really justified? Am I really at risk? By looking at it from a new perspective, you may realize that your feelings are probably exaggerated.


Getting used to it gently:
Make an effort on yourself to stay home alone. And do one of your favorite activities. Whether it is listening to your favorite CD, drawing, singing, writing a novel inspired by a romantic story... Then loneliness will begin to connect to something positive and essential for you. You have to get over the first moments of loneliness and by getting used to it little by little, your fear of being alone will eventually dissolve. It is by being able to spend several hours with yourself that your trust

capital will become stronger and more solid.


Getting involved in the future:
To get out of the fear of loneliness, you must give yourself the means to work on your own faith in yourself. If you are recovering from a relationship that ended badly, that is no reason to get back into your shell. Understand that life has a great potential for new and fulfilling adventures to be had. Do not stay alone in the dark of your home. The more you rub shoulders with social life, the more bonds will begin to form and enrich you. A stranger will give you a place in his or her life. Just as

you will be able to give him or her a place in yours.


Capturing the past to better understand the future:
Identify exactly the recent and past events that crystallize in you this fear of loneliness. To do this, register for a therapeutic program, whether it is individual or collective. The issue of your loneliness may be the result of anxiety or chronic stress. By identifying your real problem, you will regain confidence and self-esteem. If you choose a group program, you could meet people in the same situation as yours and enrich your vision of life!


Cultivating caring:
Ask yourself what is valuable to yourself? Being surrounded by people who keep you company? Maybe it does not have that authentic, enriching dimension. Or maybe it is about helping those who need it? Because it is in the way you invest yourself that it will nourish you. Helping a senior to cross the street will provoke his or her gratitude towards you: you will feel your heart flourish. Smiling at a homeless person when you give them money will give you a beautiful positive energy that will ease your

fear of loneliness.


Investing in social life:
To overcome your fear of loneliness, you need to make yourself useful in your community. You have the ability to get out of your comfort zone. Whether it is your participation in sports sessions organized by your city or going to the presentation day of the associations in your community, you are already taking a very good step to overcome your fear of loneliness. And why not volunteer in an NGO? As long as the theme speaks to your heart and you will be in the right place!


Caring for others:
It is by taking an interest in others and their concerns that you will overcome your fear of loneliness. By helping to help them and make them happier, you will feel a growing strength within you. The less you focus on your personal worries while waiting for someone to come and give you a hand, the more you will find this awakened energy that makes you feel responsible. It is part of your life path to embody a kind of assistance towards others, in any case to improve their existence.


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