Love Compatibility of Scorpio with Sagittarius sign

Written by Alison

Between a jealous and passionate Scorpio and an adventurous Sagittarius, who is a little unruly there are ups and down, but humor saves you. The proud Scorpio and the self-willed Sagittarius have to compromise. One opens unsuspected horizons for the other, which takes them into uncharted and hot sensual territory. These differences will fade into a trusting and supportive relationship.

Love compatibility between Scorpio and Sagittarius

This won't be easy right away. Between a jealous, passionate lover and an aloof adventurer, the boat will rock, but humor can save you. Prideful Scorpio and willful Sagittarius must make compromises to come together and become enriched. Sagittarius opens unexpected horizons up to Scorpio, who will lead Scorpio into interesting lands of sensuality!

Compatibility between a Scorpio woman and a Sagittarius man

It is through this union with a Fire sign that woman Scorpio will find personal fulfillment. Sir Sagittarius will offer kindness, joy, and an easy-going nature to this "complicated" woman. She will charmed to have such a partner by her side who makes her life so pleasurable and enjoyable! Your union promises an extremely rich potential for bonding. Indeed, Scorpio will immediately arouse Sagittarius' interest, who, in turn, will instinctively sense what he could offer his partner and will know first and foremost how to make her lose all inhibition. She will bring, and freely share, the vast depth of her emotional life with her archer!

Compatibility between a Scorpio man and a Sagittarius woman

A 10/10 for this perfect couple. Lady Sagittarius is her Scorpio's good-luck charm, who doesn't need to change, but rather to simply enjoy his vivacious, dynamic, optimistic, and energetic other half - a real burst of sunshine in his day that free his potential to rise to great new heights in every part of life! She will know better than anyone how to motivate him during difficult times. Their physical union, quite naturally, belongs in the Kama Sutra. But, it's their intellectual, and even spiritual, fusion that will lead them to an understanding of each other that will defy the passage of time and overcome all obstacles.

Compatibility between a Scorpio woman and a Sagittarius woman

Sagittarius, dare to stay who you are, no matter what your Scorpio may tell you. Show your fellow traveler a more adventurous and light-hearted way of life. This will be a real challenge for your other half who really could, in the end, find pleasure in, and walk down, these paths with an energy that will give your own a boost. So, let her escape with you, and you will manage to take your conversations to a rare depth and, in this way, come to understand your partner's complexity with enormous ease. Communication is the key to unlocking your other half.

Compatibility between a Scorpio man and a Sagittarius man

You both have very different mindsets, and so might have trouble understanding each other or speaking as one. Scorpio, at times, turns ideas over and over in his head, to the point of being obsessive. Sagittarius generalizes, then moves onto something more interesting. Your exchanges will likely be animated, as you are both rarely on the same wavelength. You can, however, still grow towards each other through love and tolerance, perhaps even learning much from each other. Sagittarius offers optimistic ideas, kind opinions, and a broad-sightedness, while Scorpio can deeply and intuitively analyze information.


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