The relationship between Libra and Scorpio

Written by Alison

There is a nice reciprocity between your temperaments that are mutually nuanced. Libra looks for someone reassuring, reliable, and solid. Above all, they desire peace and harmony while Scorpio seeks passion, confrontation, and sometimes power. However, with a good mutual understanding, you can develop intense, even passionate feelings. Will you discover each other halfway between intoxication and serenity?

Love compatibility between Libra and Scorpio

There is a strong, but not always healthy, attraction between you, especially for Scorpio, who considers Libra a nice training ground. Libra seeks harmony; Scorpio confrontation. Will you find a middle ground between passion and peace? If Scorpio doesn't hurt Libra too much, and if Libra isn't overly subjected to Scorpio's obsessiveness, you can find a nice balance.

Compatibility between a Libra woman and a Scorpio man

Scorpio and Libra will form the perfect couple - no sour note in this relationship. Still, be careful not to constantly try your partner; for example, with little quips or jabs that could put this couple at risk. Life isn't a game - especially when it comes to your lover's emotions and feelings. The sense of humor that these two both possess will tend to run up against the other's narcissistic image. Carrying this arrangement over into the intimate life will offer them some considerable advantages for developing a powerful eroticism that won't fade over time, that is, as long as they avoid all power struggles like the plague.

Compatibility between a Libra man and a Scorpio woman

These two signs can understand each other marvelously - especially if they work together! They will fulfill each other once meeting up and will achieve wonderful things! Libra will learn to assert himself more and his eye for nuances will enrich his partner. Each person will be able to rightly guess the other's desires - amazing for a romantic relationship! They will shine with the love they have for each other coupled with a magnificent energy for those around them. Seduction will be a staple of this relationship and bring them ever so closely together in every way.

Compatibility between a Libra woman and a Scorpio woman

Dear Scorpio, you will have to attain a sense of nuance to fully understand your partner. Your way absolutist ways are an enigma to her that might intimidate her. Nevertheless, alongside her, you will learn other ways of feeling confident, especially through simple hard work and establishing common goals. Don't think that your partner is totally detached: her sensitivity is actually quite deep, despite her light-heartedness. Don't shirk responsibilities - this is sure to undermine your relationship.

Compatibility between a Libra man and a Scorpio man

There is a nice back-and-forth between your temperaments that build on each other. Libra seeks someone who is comforting, trustworthy, and stable, and desires above all peace and harmony in love, while Scorpio seeks passion, confrontation, and, at times, power. But, if you can come to understand each other, you can totally develop strong, even passionate emotions. Scorpio might find their partner a little too fickle, frivolous, or even cowardly if Libra doesn't even try to defend their own ideas. Libra thinks their partner thinks too much; Scorpio thinks their partner doesn't think enough!


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