Virgo: your horoscope for the 26th of January 2022

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

You will discover some spicy bits of information about people around you. Be discrete and you'll avoid future disputes. You are on best form and will be ready to fulfil your desires, but have less energy for actions which are more subtle. Slow down.



Your thoughts are going to be occupied by new plans, and this will lift both your optimism and your energy.

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You'll want to count your chickens before they've hatched. In your quest to shine, you might end up making some plans that you can't possibly carry out, and that will later lead to sulking.

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Your new acquisitions, some of which are unusual, give you new perspectives on life.

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You double your efforts and initiative. Nothing is left to chance. This is the time to think about specialising.

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The moon is in Scorpio, in position 18 degree(s),00 minute(s): Sharp reactions to challenges or provocation. Intense emotions, mental force, lucidity and seductive powers.

First decan

23rd August to 3rd September

It'll take you a try or three before getting it exactly right. Don't get caught up in the details just because you want someone's approval. Whoever it is might almost scare you. Why not keep your distance?

Second decan

4th September to 13th September

You are setting the bar a little high, and the demands you place on yourself are almost harsh. Become your own best friend once again and take care of yourself. By letting your instincts go, you can hope to feel a lot better.

Third decan

14th September to 22nd September

You are a secretive one. Your loved ones try in vain to pierce your shroud of mystery, and the moon will only strengthen this side of you. It would really be a shame to lose what you so rightly earned by refusing to open up a bit.

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