Libra's horoscope for March 2024

Written by Daisy

Although Mars and Venus end their stay in Aquarius, they continue to transform the course of things positively. With the support of Pluto, they guide you towards an existence or a situation that will allow you to gain comfort, joys, and pleasures. Everything is, therefore, for the best! Alas, you will have to arrange with Mercury, who settles in Aries on the 11th and with the Sun, which joins him on the 21st. These energies will sow doubt in you. If it's too intense, it can make you back off. This month, your indecisive nature can take control, and it will play bad tricks on you. If you want to avoid this, take a step back. Also, do not give in to external pressure.

Libra: Love in General para March 2024

Libra: The energies of Aquarius make your life easier by directing you towards people, who make it their job to make you happy. Those who circulate in Aries will seek to disrupt this state of grace. You can mitigate their effects by remaining committed to changing what needs to be changed.

Libra: In a relationship para March 2024

Libra: The structures of your relationship are jostled, but it is to bring them a new breath. In a spirit of contradiction, your other half can rebel against these changes. Do not go into controversy, because they will calm down naturally.

Single para March 2024

Libra: Without doing anything special, you attract people. One of them, who is bolder than the other, can approach you with ardor, while declaring their love for you. For the follow-up, you decide!

Libra: Career / Finance para March 2024

Libra: If your job is in the artistic or co-operative field, chances are that you will obtain some kind of professional recognition before the 22nd, thanks to the beneficial influxes of Venus and Mars in Aquarius. You communicate with ease in your work until the 10th, and then Mercury switches to Aries and pushes you to react strongly to what others say. Do not spoil your real professional chances due to an excess of misplaced verbs. Your diplomacy must rebalance the forces at work, not divide them. On the 22nd, a duet in Pisces confuses you a little, know what you want to get and do what you have to do.

Libra: Advice from FREE Horoscope para March 2024

Libra: A positive change is underway. For it to continue, do not get stuck in procrastination. Instead, be determined and make no more concessions.

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