Leo's horoscope for March 2024

Written by Daisy

Mars and Venus in Aquarius continue to provoke you! Rest assured, it will not last forever! On the 12th, the annoying effects of Venus fall by the wayside due to its transfer to Pisces. It is the same thing with Mars on the 23rd. Although tensions disappear, those that come from Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus persist. However, they will seem less arduous. So you will be able to manage them with greater ease. The transition from Mercury to Aries will help you do a good job. With this support, you affirm who you are and who you are proud of. You say things as they are. Your frankness reverses the obstacles. On the 21st, with the arrival of the Sun in Aries, you will find your legendary vitality.

Leo: Love in General para March 2024

Leo: The ruptures and reconciliations caused by the planets in Aquarius can seem trying to you. Nevertheless, they have the merit of putting your loves back on the essential. From the 12th, you will see that things are presented for the best. From the 21st, everything is back in order.

In a relationship para March 2024

Leo: From the 12th, saying things as they are no longer causes conflicts. It is, therefore, by discussing everything, and even what makes you angry, that you find yourself. From the 21st, your other half loves you as before.

Leo: Single para March 2024

Leo: Although you meet people, your heart does not beat. From the 11th, Mercury in Aries, pushes you to conquer that special someone. How? By changing your seduction habits. This is not the month to try your fortune in the lottery or ask your boss for a raise. The energies are rushing! Mars and Venus in Aquarius face your sign, and then from the 11th, Venus is in Pisces and on the 22nd, Mars is in Pisces. This provocation could only worsen the relationships that could help you at work or expand or cause financial clashes with your intimate partner, so know how to tame your legendary ego, and everything will be better. Mercury, from the 10th, supports your ideas and exchanges. Take care of your communication. It's your asset of the month!

Leo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para March 2024

Leo: This month, the planets in Aries push you to reveal talents that you tend to hide. Do it. You will be amazed at the impact they will have on others.

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