Virgo's horoscope for July 2026

Written by Daisy

Professional challenges and good relationships will animate this month! From the 1st to the 22nd, the Sun and Mercury in Cancer favour a rather collective, friendly project that could really take shape after the 23rd. Mars and Uranus in Gemini boost your ambition but expose you to rivalries or unforeseen events of any kind: be careful. Venus and Jupiter in synergy until the 8th help you to face wisdom and possible worries, and then Venus slides in on the 9th: your charisma will be undeniable! You are pursuing an inner transformation under the effects of Saturn and Neptune. You will come out more structured and inspired. Pluto, 1st decan, is shaking up the daily life sector. What if you let go of what doesn't suit you anymore? After the 23rd: introspection!

Virgo: Love in General para July 2026

Virgo: Until the 8th, you will find it difficult to express what you feel. On the other hand, your sensuality will increase. Use kind words thanks to Mercury to dispel any emotional misunderstanding. After the 9th, everything will be fine: Venus in your sign will adorn you with its numerous finery, hearts up!

Virgo: In a relationship para July 2026

Virgo: Communicate! Your feelings will be stuck in your throat until the 8th, while your carnal appetite will be sharpened. Your partner will have to adapt to this strange climate! Make up for it on the 9th: display your legendary delicacy in abundance.

Single para July 2026

Virgo: Rely on your explosive dynamism to seduce at all costs, but be careful: what is your quest, a passing romance or a more serious story? Wait until the 9th to feel comfortable with your sentimental expression. Your magnetism will be attractive!

Virgo: Career / Finance para July 2026

Virgo: Your ambition will be strong but perhaps too offensive: expect power struggles if you cross the red line. Use diplomacy and restraint, especially from the 9th, if you wish to see positive results in your career and fit easily into a professional team.

Virgo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para July 2026

Virgo: Expect some shaking during this month, but nothing insurmountable with superior wisdom and a long-term view. After the 9th, your heart will be able to give you the right reactions.

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