Pisces's horoscope for January 2026

Written by Daisy

Friends and projects are on the rise, so make the most of it before the last week of the month, which invites you to reflect and no longer take action. Your morale is high (especially the last decan), you quickly integrate new knowledge or new encounters: yay! Saturn and Neptune in duet until the 26th in your sign energize your brain while supporting your natural connection with the universe. How do you feel now? On the 26th, Neptune slips into Aries: don't believe in overly tempting financial promises. Love works well. Jupiter contributes to it. From the 21st, the climate changes radically as much as your interests: you will want and need to step back from things and events. Listen to yourself.

Pisces: Love in General para January 2026

Pisces: Jupiter in Cancer, well-positioned for your sign, distils its many benefits directly into your emotional area. You will feel love as much as you give it. The duo Venus and Mars in Capricorn until the 17th favours loving friendship. You could fall in love with a friend or share strong collaboration with your crush or partner.

Pisces: In a relationship para January 2026

Pisces: An atmosphere full of projects that's open to the world dramatically facilitates your conjugal understanding. The planets in Capricorn boost your desire to build or continue to anchor what you already have. Together you feel stronger! With Saturn in your home: you inspire confidence.

Single para January 2026

Pisces: The atmosphere is quite conducive to a meeting made to last or simply a nice romance: according to your desires of the moment. Know that the planets will help you to declare your flame until the 19th: get ready!

Pisces: Career / Finance para January 2026

Pisces: Neptune after the 26th is not really favourable to you. A not always artistic blur could take possession of your finances from a job: stay on guard, read between the lines, and do not listen to hecklers! Join forces if you feel like it. The energies in Capricorn favour this type of project.

Pisces: Advice from FREE Horoscope para January 2026

Pisces: A busy start to the year awaits you over the next three weeks. Tackle the last week to take a breather. You'll renew yourself or use the many insights you've gathered.

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