Cancer's horoscope for January 2026

Written by Daisy

Pervasive interpersonal relationships and inner turmoil, that's your monthly roadmap! In front of you, a procession of planets in Capricorn for the 1st fortnight. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars encourage you to collaborate. Listen to others' opinions, under penalty of more or less stormy conflicts. Jupiter at home reinforces your generosity and protects you from pessimism. You will be confident and open (primarily 2nd decan). Then the Sun slips into Aquarius on the 21st (Mercury the day before) and joins Venus and Mars on the 23rd. Your universe opens up to powerful feelings. You handle abstraction with ease, and you want to change many things. Thanks to Uranus, you launch creative projects, helped by faithful friends. Neptune enters Aries on the 26th: you'll need to watch your professional sphere.

Cancer: Love in General para January 2026

Cancer: Your relationship occupies your thoughts with intensity! You wish to share the love, and the cluster in Capricorn helps you to do so. You have the cards in your hands to achieve it. After the 17th, Venus shakes your jealousy. Mars from the 23rd increases your sensuality: the end of the month will be complex, your heart will be anything but lukewarm!

Cancer: In a relationship para January 2026

Cancer: Your other half will have demands but also a lot of love to give you! Let them act according to their desires because they won't let themselves be fooled! The last ten days of the month will be very sensual and a little intense, so quiet your useless jealousy!

Single para January 2026

Cancer: The weather is spoiling you. A quality encounter could well take place. Open your arms! Your social circle could help you. At the end of the month, your sensuality and your charisma will be your best allies: temporary or lasting romance?

Cancer: Career / Finance para January 2026

Cancer: After the 17th, a vital income remains possible: energies are very favourable to income, whether they are of the legal origin or linked to an inheritance. Neptune, from the 26th, distils its evanescence on your professional sector: read between the lines, do not listen to the siren song!

Cancer: Advice from FREE Horoscope para January 2026

Cancer: Prepare yourself for jolts which will not all be unpleasant, quite the contrary! Your sensitive nature should be rewarded, make an effort but leave it to others as well.

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