Gemini's horoscope for January 2025

Written by Daisy

A lot of questioning is possible at the beginning of this year. The sun in Capricorn until the 19th and Mercury from the 8th to the 28th push you to change something in your life. Either within the professional sphere or in the way you manage your assets, but it is certain that an external trigger will cause a change in these areas. Venus, from the 3rd, softens your professional exchanges, allows you to meet people who can help you if necessary, while Mars, from the 6th, encourages your desire to earn a better living. You will therefore be dynamic, as if inspired, your efforts will be concentrated on your material life. Jupiter at home, but retrograde, accompanies you with its luck all the same, you risk nothing untoward!

Gemini: Love in General para January 2025

Gemini: An important sensuality, due to the influx of Mars in Cancer combined with that of Venus in Pisces, could cause some emotional turmoil, your partner will not necessarily respond to your carnal appetites or your exclusive feelings this month. Communication is easy until the 7th and becomes a little more difficult until the 28th.

In a relationship para January 2025

Gemini: This month put a little water in your wine if you want to live in harmony with your partner. Indeed, desires will be powerful but perhaps divergent while your intellectual exchanges will be tense between the 8th and the 28th.

Gemini: Single para January 2025

Gemini: This is not a good time for an important meeting, except before the 6th. Then you will be active, determined to cross soul mates, which remains a possibility thanks to Mars in Cancer, but be careful, not everything that shines is gold! Career/Finance: With Jupiter in your sign, your asset remains protected. Your career could be delayed due to a lack of organization that you will have difficulty installing, except for the 1st decan. Take the time and care to plan your missions and responsibilities and everything will be much better!

Gemini: Advice from FREE Horoscope para January 2025

Gemini: This month remains focused on your desire to inflate your money bag and on some resistance, especially professional, do not take the fly, do not wrinkle. On the contrary, distilled your humor without measure!

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