Aquarius's horoscope for January 2025

Written by Daisy

Very introspective, the sun slips into your sign on the 19th, you assert yourself more. Mercury, in turn in Sagittarius, in Capricorn and then in your home on the 28th, stimulates your projects, your thoughts, your charisma. Everyday life will be dynamic, as much as the atmosphere at work, Mars, starting on the 6th, infuses these sectors with a lot of energy and a lot of sensitivity that you will have to manage. Venus passes by your home quickly because on the 3rd it settles in your area of having, you could receive a raise or make a very important meeting for your future. Uranus, still in Taurus, is a bit of a strain on your family relationships (especially in the last decan) while Pluto brings you its unequalled inner strength (1st decan). Be flexible in order to contribute to a calmer climate!

Aquarius: Love in General para January 2025

Aquarius: It is to your work that you will devote your emotional impulses, but to say that you will neglect a potential partner would be excessive, unless it is your daily life that benefits from your most intimate desires. Venus in Pisces plays on your sensitive chord with tenderness and softness, but you will be possessive and a little exclusive.

Aquarius: In a relationship para January 2025

Aquarius: Your partner may challenge you on your ability to express your feelings especially between the 8th and 28th when you will show him your most carnal desires with ardor and intensity. Adjust your mutual needs or you will be under tension.

Single para January 2025

Aquarius: On the 3rd, Venus may have a major encounter in store for you. Open your eyes and above all welcome your feelings, you could have the impression of knowing this person by heart! Mars in Cancer reinforces your sensuality and your fantasies, passion is not far away!

Aquarius: Career / Finance para January 2025

Aquarius: Your professional evolution is proceeding slowly but surely. Pluto at the very beginning of your sign will ensure that you have real power to act in the future. Monthly energies facilitate all external financial help from the 6th while Venus will be able to improve your fixed salary. Make your request before the 8th or after the 28th.

Aquarius: Advice from FREE Horoscope para January 2025

Aquarius: There are challenges, but you love it! Take care of the way you communicate, make projects with the support of time. There is no point in running, you have to start at the right time!

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