Leo's horoscope for February 2025

Written by Daisy

In this month, heaven invites you to pay attention to others who should take a very important place. The sun, Mercury, and Pluto, facing your sign in the first fortnight, push you to communicate but also to listen more to the opinions of others and to take them into consideration because you may have to do a lot. To do this, Jupiter in its beautiful aspect favors your friendly relationships; you will be full of humor, energetic and willing to bond with people who are young in spirit. After the 15th, a certain fluidity may help you to relieve any pressure, but not too much, so be sure to use relationship wisdom. The affective sphere is favored from the 4th, your feelings will be powerful but your actions a little backward, adjust the palpitations of your heart!

Leo: Love in General para February 2025

Leo: You will feel a lot of warm and vibrant feelings under the leadership of Venus in Aries from the 4th. But Mars in Cancer hinders the expression of your affects, you would like to be demonstrative with your loved one, but unusual inhibition will prevent you from doing so. Watch a little sensitivity and give, you will receive!

Leo: In a relationship para February 2025

Leo: Until the 15th, your half could be demanding, harmony should come back then. Venus, from the 4th, reactivates your feelings, warms up your desire to please your partner, remain patient and show your attachment to him. More emotional in your exchanges, do not become inflamed.

Single para February 2025

Leo: Your desire to love should drive you to conquest! You could pursue the object of your desires with passion and loyalty, beware of people who do not know what they want! Your desires will be more timid than usual, but you will be able to convince.

Leo: Career / Finance para February 2025

Leo: If you had applied for a bank account in the past, after the 4th, you may receive good news. Or, a course you have been waiting for could fall in this month, especially from the 1st to the 15th. Jupiter favors contract life, projects, go for it if your heart tells you to, the sky will support you!

Leo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para February 2025

Leo: More emotional but no less combative, do not give importance to venial disagreements or your ego. Focus on your inner strength and the power of your heart which is your asset!

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