Monkey: your 2026 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

In this year of the Horse, everything should go well for you. Your work should bring you satisfaction. You should be safe from financial problems. Your innate ability to make good deals will be developed. Your legendary interpersonal skills will foster and build your social circle. However, you may feel that people don't really trust you, Monkey! You know it! On the surface, you're affable, sociable and friendly. But if you dig a little deeper, you can find the art of concealment. Alas, this minor flaw could play nasty tricks on you! So, if you want to avoid this, cultivate the art of sincerity in all circumstances, and everything will be fine.

Monkey: Your Romantic Life for 2026

This sector does not pose any particular problem for you. This year, your affairs of the heart are on track. As usual, your natural charm, humour and kindness create bonds of seduction with disconcerting ease. Also, these qualities keep your loves going and ensure their future and constancy. However, this year your sincerity may be questioned. A cloud of jealousy may hover over your love and create emotional storms. So, to avoid such unpleasantness, adopt a frank attitude in all circumstances.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
If you are overwhelmed by scenes of jealousy and possessiveness, don't run away because this attitude will make your case worse. Face up to it and claim your honesty.

Group of Friends for the Monkey for 2026

Your humour and enthusiasm are the pillars that support your relationships with your oldest friends. Yes, but! This year, you are bound to meet new people from different backgrounds than you are used to. Monkey, although your humour and enthusiasm are universally appreciated, these qualities could turn into flaws under these circumstances. So, when you feel it is necessary, be serious. It will be safer.

To Know:
When faced with complete strangers, avoid engaging in endless verbal jousting. Keep your words and ideas concise and compelling.

Monkey: Your Spiritual Life for 2026

For some obscure reason, people think you are the champion of shenanigans. And sometimes, your sincerity does not go down well with everyone. If you agree, you can take advantage of this year to erase this reproach that is made to you wrongly, Monkey! Stop bemoaning your fate or pulling your hair out! Do a little work on yourself so that you are haloed with remarkable sincerity.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Apply yourself to becoming forceful and precise in your words and ideas. How? By using an effective personal development method.

Well-being for the Monkey for 2026

In this year of the Horse, sports are in the spotlight. Why? Because it is full of virtues. Practicing a sport keeps you physically and mentally fit. And as a bonus, it's a great way to meet people, Monkey! Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today! Take up sports and do them regularly. It'll clear your head, plus you'll make new connections!

This year, sports are beneficial to you. So, accept offers to join a club and become an assiduous and dedicated member. You will not regret it.

Monkey: Your Family Life for 2026

Although you are an accomplished adult, you are still your parents' child. And if you have children, sometimes you are a bit like them. This year, this attitude is a little too light. You need to be a little more assertive with your parents and your kids. It's time for you to take responsibility as an adult. In doing so, you'll get that respect you've been looking for so much, but in vain.

To Meditate:
Remain in the family laughing stock if you wish. But when circumstances dictate, be profound and pragmatic.

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