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12 solutions to fight the blues!

Written by Olivia

When it comes to love, friends, family, or even work, we know all about the disappointment, failure, and headaches that can turn our emotional life upside down, and sadden and depress us. These are terrible times that will pass, that must be accepted and overcome. After a depression, how do you get back on your feet? This is the question we're going to find an answer to, keeping in mind that each sign has a different temperament.


You don't tend to give up easily or sink into despair. But, just like everyone else, you aren't totally spared from disappointment and lethargy. When these things do happen, you quickly pull out all the stops to prevent this malaise from settling in. Naturally rather extraverted and communicative, you're not ashamed to say that you're not doing well. And so, you won't hesitate to call up your friends and family to lighten your load and get all your suffering out in the open. Not being alone is your priority, so go out with friends let the good vibes fill you up. The important thing is to get your head clear and your mind off things and totally disconnect.


You are capable with putting up with a lot of things as long as you need to. But, when you've had enough and feel like you're starting to lose control, you get overwhelmed with a feeling of insecurity that completely paralyzes you. To confront all this, we highly recommend reacting rapidly and looking past the present. Isolate yourself? No way! On the contrary, pull out your address book and send out some invitations. Meet up with your group of friends for a nice meal and tell them what you're feeling inside. Clear your mind, go for a walk, and recharge your batteries surrounded by nature. To bounce back better than before, get out, move, and reconnect to what is really essential.


When hard times arrive, rely on your ingeniousness to find quick solutions and, above all, to show that you're not affected at all. In this way, you'll be able to focus all your energy on getting out of this rough patch as quick as possible: keep going out, enjoying good times with others, and looking ahead to new horizons. To be totally sure that you really have moved on, it would, however, be smart to take some time to deeply analyze and really think over things. To do so, consider taking time off from your many activities and get the distance you need on the problem so you can look deep inside yourself.


Your hypersensitivity makes you very vulnerable. You easily lose control and tend to sink into self-pity. Inundated by your emotions, you take a little more time than others to get back on your feet. Don't waste too much time thinking and analyzing every little detail, however. Quite the opposite: rid yourself of this darkness quickly, and, instead of clinging to the past, look to the future. Though you aren't really capable of trusting anyone, you can still count on your family to offer you the support and comfort you need. In any case, there's no use withdrawing into yourself. On the contrary, come out of your shell and look optimistically to the future.


It's hard to imagine you could even experience any serious bouts of depression. But, in fact, since you live in the clouds and believe that nothing can knock you down, when something does occur, your world is turned completely upside-down. But, you can be counted on to quickly pick yourself back up again. Extraverted by nature, you need to turn to your friends and clear you head by practicing a sport to get your mind off things. To start smiling again, you won't hesitate to put all your energy into organizing a party that represents your desire to move on.


Losing control of a situation makes you lose your head and makes you terribly nervous. In the time it takes you to separate the why from the how and to figure out what you really feel, you run the risk of sinking into an emotional crisis. In order to pick yourself back up as quickly as possible, it is strongly recommended that you stop splitting hairs and take time to relax. Naturally introverted, you have an overly hard time seeking out help from those close to you. No need for panic: stay calm and rest. To prevent the negative from overwhelming you, make a plan to do all of your most favorite activities.


No matter the circumstances, you are extremely sensitive and worry about staying in balance. And so, you tend to retreat into yourself when you feel that a situation is getting out of control. The best remedy for getting back on your feet is to not stay alone and to not want to hold onto your pain. Quite the opposite: get out, move, see people, and confide your pain to a listening and understanding ear - this will be the best for you. It will also be useful to not hide yourself away and to realize exactly what the obstacle before you entails. This way, you will be able to figure out where this uneasiness came from so that you can get over it as quickly and as easily as possible.


If ever you do feel uneasy, you will make sure that it is never seen. You will close yourself off in your shell and take the time to analyze every detail that leads you to this point. Once you've identified that this situation is harmful for you equilibrium, you won't hesitate to bring it to the light of day so that you can heal and truly get over it, once and for all. By being so efficient, you will successfully get rid of this uneasiness on your own and quickly pick yourself back up. You're one of those people that can really and effectively turn inwards.


You will have to confront your emotional problems with a wide-open mind. You're not really the type to let yourself be knocked down so easily and you probably know very well every little thing that you need to do to pull yourself through as quickly as possible. You opt for positive thinking, go out, meet up with friends, and use physical activity to blow off some steam. You do things you like and create goals that you want to reach. By acting this way, you'll be sure to get back on your feet quickly and put a smile back on your face.


When you go through tough times emotionally, you tend to be discreet about it and not get it off your chest. For you, losing control is out of the question. In fact, you'd rather hide things than share them with your friends and family. You can spend hours thinking, trying to find the solution that will enable you to bounce back as quick as possible. The only person you count on is yourself to take on this challenge. Despite this fact, don't forget to relax and take part in activities you like to calm yourself and your mind.


Upon first impression, you seem serene and confident in any circumstance. Nevertheless, you are very sensitive and quite nervous. When you feel yourself losing control, have some composure, even when you are deeply upset inside. For all this, sharing your reservations is out of the question. You will keep on and keep smiling as if nothing was the matter. And so, you will keep hanging out with friends and will get out of this as per usual. Still, to relieve your worry as quickly as possible, we recommend not trying to hide your head in the sand, but instead taking the time you need to regain calm and solitude in a relaxing environment where you can recharge.


When you feel yourself losing control, you tend to sink into quicksand, ignoring what's really going on around you. You prefer to seek refuge in your imagination, telling yourself that things will work themselves out on their own. But, if you wish to pick yourself back up as quick as possible, you'll have to come up with other options. There really is no use in going over the same old things over and over and pitying yourself. On the contrary, you need to be supported and comforted more than other people do. So, figure out how to be one step ahead of your friends - they'll be thrilled and their good mood will rub off on you unconsciously. Also, consider planning out activities that will make you feel better.

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