Which color is best for you sign?

Written by Olivia

This is the futile yet essential question we're asking today. Don't hesitate: use your symbolic colors in your personal space, when you're sprucing up the interior or picking out new clothing or accessories.
You can even use the colors recommended for other signs to add some variety to your stark color scheme.


Aries' ideal color is crimson red.
This bright color symbolizes pure energy and is the color of blood, the very essence of life. This is a passionate color. Whoever is wearing it will stop at nothing and can resort to aggression in order to gain control over a situation or over adversaries. Red helps to conquer conflict, strengthens the libido, and protects you physically in your relationships. It is an energizing, willful, and fierce color. Tone down your overflowing energy by adding a little dark red, closer to brown even, to gain a sense of responsibility, or more towards mauve to live in harmony with others.


Taurus' ideal color is green.
This color favors promotions and economic stability at home as much as at work. Green encourages buying land or property. In your love life, it can bring stability to your emotions as well. Green symbolizes pastures, harmony with nature, and Mother Earth. It is the color of money, of material security, and, by extension, of the desire for emotional balance. Taurus can spice up their green with warm and sensual tones, such as red, yellow, or orange.


Gemini's ideal colors vary widely, much as this ever-changing sign does: lavender, grays, blues, brown, green, and silver.
These colors protect commerce and strengthen activities that require cerebral power. In love, green is useful for getting noticed; grays, blues, or lavender for maintaining relationships and the mobility and sociability that Gemini needs. Brown brings stability, and silver symbolizes business and commerce while protecting exchanges and investments.


Cancer's ideal colors are white and yellow.
These colors favor emotional balance, intuition, and a feeling of protection. White is the color of the moon, the point of reference for this kind and motherly sign. It does not represent purity or virginity, but rather maternal protection, the abundance that a mother offers her children, a sort of emotional shield. Yellow keeps Cancer's changing moods on an even keel and brightens up their darker moments.


Leo's ideal colors are orange, yellow, or red.
These colors make for good deals, success in business or cultural undertakings, and without unneeded tension. Leo, the model of a sun sign, isn't only the king of the jungle, but also of the zodiac. It's impossible, then, to attribute any other color to them but that of the most precious of metals: gold. Orange and red relate to their dynamism, leader mindset, and to the sunny season in which they were born, in the middle of summer.


Virgo's ideal colors are brown, yellow, and blue.
These colors put Virgo at ease, bringing serenity and calm to situations that require deep analysis. They are also associated with work and harmony in the professional realm. Brown instills a sense of seriousness and responsibility, while blue brings harmony to relationships and cultivates patience. Yellow is the color of wheat ready to be harvested. Symbolically, Virgo is often depicted holding a sheaf of wheat, and their birthday corresponds to the harvesting season.


Libra's ideal colors are sky blue, green, and light red.
These colors free the minds of those whose work involves self-expression, offering them the psychological strength needed for relationships with others. These colors attract luck and protection against negative energy. Sky blue is the master of understanding and harmony, of compromise and agreement, making Libra as subtle and tactful as this color. Green allows them to form bonds with the rest of the zodiac, while light red suggests affection, but without the destructive power passion.


Scorpio's ideal colors are red and black.
These colors act positively, to bring harmony to difficult relationships with other signs. They help the weakest of Scorpios to bring their hidden emotions to the surface. Red is the perfect symbol of contained passion, of burning embers that lie deep within Scorpio's soul. Black symbolizes the deepest depths, where light cannot reach. Nobody but Scorpio can bring a little light to the darkness. This mix of red and black suggests passion and love, but also death and rebirth.


Sagittarius' ideal colors are orange, blue, and mauve.
These colors draw in spiritual energy, create open-mindedness, and bring peace. Orange perfectly symbolizes Sagittarius' lively, enthusiastic, and optimistic character. Mauve symbolizes a quest for knowledge, wisdom, and also extremes. It is a synthesis of red's energy and blue's desire for harmony, a mix of two uncontainable energies, very profitable in business, love, and life.


Capricorn's ideal colors are gray, brown, and dark red.
These colors protect Capricorn against negative influences and the difficulties that their desires can bring. They aid in tempering or channeling negative emotions and are useful for putting negative influences in perspective. They bring peace and rest. Shades of brown represent the austerity that life's responsibilities demand, but also the organization and planning that they require in order to accomplish, peacefully and surely, great things, using previously acquired wisdom.


Aquarius' ideal colors are green, blue, and red.
These colors favor peace during confrontations with other signs and time set aside for thinking. They aid in bringing about justice and revealing the truth to Aquarius. Dark blue is the color of frozen ice, of the depths of winter and great coldness. The blue of the winter sky barely peeks through the clouds with a sun so low, but this color is a symbol of great tenacity and of the coolheadedness needed to accomplish the most arduous of tasks.


Pisces' ideal colors are green, mauve, purple, and turquoise.
These colors help to express one's feelings to the other signs, to experience peace and clarity in your emotions. They are used in the goal of spiritual liberation, and help Pisces to see things clearly and couples to make up. Turquoise is an inexact color, neither blue nor green, which seems bland, but which gives off an intense warmth at the same time. In short, it represents the ideal, utopian world, a world of islands floating in a sea of this very color.

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