Predictions of Venus in 2024

Written by Alison

Venus orbits between the Earth and the Sun, sharing this proximity with Mercury. Therefore, it always remains closely linked to the Sun, being in the same sign or in one of the two preceding or following signs. Venus embodies emotions, the way of loving, as well as in general, emotional relationships and the need for communication with others. In a different context, Venus also represents the financial sphere, money, comfort and well-being. Well positioned in an astral chart, it brings a fulfilling influence, but poorly configured, it can arouse excessive desires and consequently, frustrations.

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Venus has only been in Sagittarius for a few days and is legitimately turning towards new ideals. Love also needs to see a little further than the end of its nose. In Jupiter's domicile, love needs to travel and philosophize. The heavens also ask Venus not to stray. Sagittarius runs the risk of losing its footing, so powerful energies keep it on its toes. Thus, while love expands her horizons, it also forces her to assume strong responsibilities. A time made difficult for rebels, fond of novelty and freedom. Discipline must be accepted willingly... or by force! Beware of those who like to play with fire, as they could burn the Centaur's wings.

On January 24, Venus enters Capricorn. Responsibilities are still there, infusing the love field to consolidate what has been undertaken previously. But the color of the sky is less dull than at the beginning of the month, and enthusiasm should help to bear the limits set by the sign of Capricorn. This time, constraints are more readily accepted, as they seem natural and move in a direction that brings good news. It's likely that the Sun in Aquarius, with its promise of freedom, will help you cope with the rigidity of love. A rigidity that's necessary if you're to achieve great things on the thorny question of love.

Tuesday January 2: Venus finds its impulses held back. We may be caught up in the need to escape, as responsibilities weigh heavily. This ambivalent climate will last until January 7.

Saturday January 20: love is caught up in disillusionment. If we were to look for the limits of the heart, it's rather chasms that lie before us. Chasms where our feelings sometimes get lost.

Wednesday, January 24: Venus enters Capricorn. At the beginning of the month, Venus underwent strong limitations, but this time, she's very much in tune with this need to contain feelings. We're left with a desire for lasting, faithful and constructive love. In love, as in everything else, experiences of the heart should serve to grow.


February is a very special month for Venus, as she takes charge of the planets linked to the sign of Scorpio. Despite Capricorn's apparent coldness, desire will invade the realm of feelings. This can lead to possessiveness in love relationships. You hold on to what you've got and fight to keep it! February 8 is a day to watch closely, as sensitivity mixes with desires and feelings. It's a mix that should be put on the right side, a time when the heart is open and you can fall in love quickly.

Towards mid-February, these energies of love and desire will take on an unparalleled depth: a strong authenticity, a powerful and irrepressible desire that defies reason! This period can lead to a certain loss of control of the heart and body, which want to live intensely.

On February 17, Venus enters Aquarius. She wants to be free and free of all constraints. Elusive, Venus suggests that you experience love on a very high intellectual level, letting intuition decide for you. The energies of Aquarius are exacerbated and everything is lived without concession. Ideas are firmly anchored, and your whole being wants to emancipate itself, caught up in energies of liberation for body and soul.

On February 20, while the Piscean season begins, which may ease some of the ardor we're caught up in, Venus remains caught up in these same intense energies. Love remains a separate issue, a subject that invades everyone's hearts at every moment of the day and night. We'll have to wait until February 26 to feel a lightening of the love climate.

Thursday February 8: the start of a long period of coexisting desires and feelings. A powerful and uncompromising period that activates our love relationships and can lead to love at first sight, especially for the most sensitive.

Saturday February 17: Venus enters Aquarius. Already supported by very active planets, Venus enters the field of unconditional freedom. Nothing holds back our feelings.


Despite the gentleness of the Piscean season, Venus must deal with this incessant need for change and novelty. Completely unstable, Venus can make our hearts perpetually searching and suffering from dissatisfaction.

From March 9, Venus lifts this burden. The quest for freedom becomes clearer and healthier. The intellect regains its rightful place in our relationships.

On March 12, when Venus enters Pisces, it's a sudden shift: a plunge into the very subtle world of Pisces. In this sign, which is difficult to grasp because it is so spiritual, Venus tends to leave the love of the flesh for the love of the soul. Much less tactile, she favors unconditional love. Her evolution is therefore serene. We should all feel this communion with our fellow man, a love free from the diktats of the body and the fashions that imprison us. A Native American expression expresses this state of heaven very well: "Mitakouyé Oyasin". It means "we are all connected". Nothing could better explain our Venus in Pisces. It's time to meditate on this question of the origin of our souls and the fraternity that links us to the community of living beings.

But very quickly, on March 13, the configuration of the sky brings us back to reality, to the concrete. A sense of responsibility imposes itself on the life of the heart. For some, this may seem like a very strong constraint that prevents us from living love with detachment. You have to see it as an opportunity to build love over time. And to do this, make sure you build the foundations of the relationship properly. In reality, what may seem like a leaden screed is the guarantee of your future success. A climate that will be at its peak when the Sun enters Aries! But luck will be knocking at your door! Don't despair, there's light at the end of the tunnel, and if you feel weary, it won't last.

Tuesday March 12: Venus enters Pisces. It's time to give in to unconditional, spiritual love, far from material considerations.

Wednesday March 13: If the mood in love seems to be darkening, you'll have to be patient, because your efforts won't be in vain.

Thursday March 21: the high point of March. This is the time not to lose your footing, as things soon seem to get easier.


For the past few days, Venus in Pisces has also been in conjunction with Neptune, ruler of Pisces. Until it enters Aries on April 6, Venus will plunge into deep waters, those of unconditional love, but also of total fog, sailing blindly. It's a delicate period, during which you'll need to keep your wits about you and not make any emotional decisions too quickly.

Dynamic and spontaneous in Aries, Venus takes on an intuition during the first few days that adds depth to her enterprising nature. A time of seduction is available that calls upon our psychological capacities. It's a bit like reading between the lines. Things come out of the depths to seem obvious. This Venusian state allows us not to seduce for seduction's sake. Not just anyone! You go for the person who best fits your profile. If you're already in a relationship, you'll have a better understanding of your partner's unconscious needs and be able to adapt the level of your relationship. Mercury retrograde can help you to better analyze this situation. Mercury returns to direct course on April 26.

It's a month of integration. The Taurus season beginning on April 20 will calm things down a bit. Venus is still spontaneous in Aries, but energies are slower and you'll want to take more time before acting.

Venus enters Taurus on the very last day of the month. This marks the beginning of a quieter season, based on the pleasure of earthly nourishment.

Saturday April 6: Venus enters Aries and radically changes her temperament. She becomes fiery, but also intuitive.

Saturday April 20: The Taurus season begins, slowing down the pace of our lives, and love is part of it.

Tuesday, April 30: Venus enters Taurus, her home. Calm and epicurean, she makes us appreciate what our earth has to offer.


The sign of Taurus has been over-represented since Venus entered at the end of April. In fact, Venus' domicile is very energetically charged, particularly with the two benefics of the zodiac. The season is linked to the harvest, to the gains we receive from our labor: work, money, but also love are the order of the day.

However, as Venus enters Taurus, it is strongly disturbed by the need for transformation. A transformation of our values is needed, and this will affect everything we love by calling things into question. This period will last until May 7, at which point you might say that the climate will lighten up.

But it's something else that's going to affect the way we love: a gust of wind takes hold of our hearts, giving love a highly intellectual character. We can't be content with the habits we've already adopted. Some would like to get away from it all, as they can't stand the confinement and slow pace. But in this Earth sign, nature remains the most suitable element, even if there is change. You may decide to grab your backpack and set off on an adventure, climbing mountains for the more daring among you. This will be the case until the end of the month.

From May 13 onwards, everything goes from strength to strength: love, but also this sudden need for change. A lot of energy, generosity of heart, but also independence all come together. It's an explosive cocktail, and it all depends on your character!

On May 24, Venus enters Gemini, three days after the Sun. Although love is no longer in the storm, it still needs to meet and exchange ideas. A new season begins, full of curiosity and the need to feed off each other.

Wednesday May 1: Love is caught up in a need for transformation. All our values need to be reviewed.

Thursday May 7: a storm is sweeping through our hearts. It's time to get some fresh air and rethink our love concepts.

Friday May 24: Venus enters Gemini. Often misjudged, she is in fact intellectual and curious. We look for the presence around us to enrich us.


The weeks leading up to summer are difficult for Venus. Indeed, the first two weeks are rather dull on the sentimental front for this Venus in Gemini. The idea of being alone, abandoned by love, can be invasive, even though we're in a sign that needs others to communicate. It's a kind of sadness of the heart that loses hope in the face of the emptiness of love. It can also translate into weariness for those we think are happily married.

From June 12 onwards, the feeling of not knowing where to go mingles with all this. The tracks are blurred, or you may be mistaking bladders for lanterns. Be careful with your meetings and commitments!

On June 18, Venus enters Cancer. This accentuates the sensitive side of the planet of love, and doesn't help her to gain height.

You absolutely must wait until June 23, when the sky will be clear and you'll have a much clearer vision of what you're up to. Only then can the subject of love be considered serenely and in the most affectionate Cancer spirit.
As Venus enters Cancer, it's also charged with desire. And it's during the last week that you can make the most of this energy, which is the fruit of an emulation between the two emblematic planets, Venus and Mars. In the end, it's a great reward, especially if you hang in there for the first three weeks.

Saturday June 1: a difficult start to a month synonymous with festivities about to begin. A heavy atmosphere forces us to look a little grey.

Wednesday June 12: Everything is unclear and you need to wait before launching into a relationship or making a choice that involves your heart.

Tuesday June 18: Venus enters Cancer. Unfortunately, we can't exploit its legendary gentleness in this water sign.

Sunday June 23: That's it! The sky is clearing and the worst is over! Venus is sensitive and gentle in Cancer. Love combines with desire for our greatest satisfaction.


Here we are in the middle of the Cancer season, a sign that Venus loves, as it values its gentleness and ability to experience beauty and art, appealing to the imagination.

Until July 12, Venus receives powerful energies that make love both reliable and solid, drawing its hope from the certainty that we're all connected. It's a very spiritual kind of love that we need to grasp. Far from physical and sensual seduction, Venus helps us to feel the waves of love without judgment and beyond appearances.

When she enters Leo on July 12, her spiritual energies remain active, but Venus nonetheless becomes more egocentric. We're in danger of tilting towards the need to be loved, to shine through the eyes of others. But it's also an excellent sky for getting creative, going to the theater, the opera, etc. Inspiration is always there, but it's also a time to be creative. Inspiration is always there, but the spotlight is added to the decor. A torment seems to take hold of our hearts at the same time. Venus wouldn't be able to cope without the help of the other great benefic, Jupiter, who helps us get through this difficult and tormented period.

The stranglehold loosens on July 23 and love can blossom and enjoy all the light it can. On the same day, the Leo season begins. Coincidence? Certainly not! It's like a champagne cork popping under pressure! Introversion has gone on long enough, and summer must live up to all its promises. It's advisable to remain cautious, because although love seems to be going well, an excess of pride will not be without consequences. Try to transform this energy into something positive.

Monday, July 1: Venus continues to enjoy a period of gentleness. She draws her inspiration from the certainty that we all have the same divine origin.

Friday July 12: Venus enters Leo. We're lulled by the spotlight, but we have to make sure we stay in it. But be careful, because a faux pas can happen.

Tuesday, July 23: a feeling of lightness returns for love. But overall, we must remain attentive.


Venus is living out her last days in Leo, but on the first day of August, she finds herself surprised by events that happen without warning. We ourselves could be surprised by what happens from the outside. Disputes and ruptures are on the menu for those who overdo it with that Lion energy that always wants to be one step ahead of everyone else. It's important to remain humble at times, otherwise the other side of the coin is likely to sadden you.

Venus enters Virgo on August 6. Far from the energies of Leo, our way of loving becomes very analytical. This is a time when we scrutinize our partner to see if he or she is compatible. A slightly self-interested placement for Venus all the same, useful for avoiding mistakes. But, by making love work on a very mental level, it's stress that lurks! And that's exactly what's likely to happen as the weight of responsibility falls on our shoulders.

From August 10 until the end of the month, the mood in love is heavy and unpleasant. Disappointment, dissatisfaction, weariness... this is what will weigh down our hearts. Add to this the frustration of not getting anywhere romantically, and you've got a very sad August.

August 23 marks the beginning of the Virgo season. It's well known that the sign of Virgo often signals the end of festivities, and this is also the case for love. It's time to assume your responsibilities and take stock of any potential encounters. Unfortunately, just before this, the world of illusions takes over our love lives. It's hard to distinguish the real from the fake.

Tuesday August 1: Our hearts are in turmoil as events unfold. We're not sure where we stand with our romantic encounter or simply with our love partner.

Tuesday August 6: Venus enters Virgo. We need to take stock of our love life.

Saturday August 10: Lassitude is creeping into people's hearts, and this will last until the end of the month. It's time to take responsibility.

Wednesday August 21: the sentimental mood is blurred and our decisions may not be the result of pertinent analysis alone.


It's time for artistic programming! Venus in Libra, the arts, beauty, harmony, but also fulfilling relationships, special attention to your partner... A fine program! The very cloudy energies of the previous month gradually fade away, giving way to something just as impalpable, but which inspires limitless imagination. Intuition runs deep, and Venus takes advantage of it. Our love lives too!

From the 8th to the 17th, Venus is at your back. This is always a highly anticipated moment, as everything seems easy and seduction is at its best, especially with Venus at home. Let's not forget that artistic practice is to be encouraged, as we feel all these harmonious energies better. If you don't practise an art, go to art venues.

But as your luck runs out, a new period of turmoil begins. As it approaches Scorpio, Venus is under psychological pressure, bringing fears to our relationships. We start to question ourselves, without really knowing why. How can we switch from such a positive energy to one that's so hard to bear?

At the peak of this energy, on September 23, Venus enters Scorpio. Fortunately, on September 28, a certain dynamism comes to save our hearts, and things seem to go more smoothly. At last, desires and feelings work together in perfect emulation. This goes a long way to allaying any fears that may have been building up.

Sunday, September 1: Venus enters Libra, its domicile. This is a time of exceptional gentleness. It's also a good time to visit theaters and opera houses, as Venus in Libra means harmony and perfect balance.

Sunday September 8: ten exceptional days ahead, and we need to make the most of them before the wind shifts.

Tuesday September 17: Fears may settle in our hearts. We'll have to wait a few days, as this will subside at the end of the month.

Tuesday September 24: Venus enters Scorpio. Its bad reputation in this sign is linked to the fact that it excites our libido.


Autumn continues better than it began. A liberated Venus can help us tap into our love potential right from the start of the month. In fact, the celestial configuration is particularly beneficial in terms of desire and stability! The bad reputation of Venus in Scorpio has no basis in fact. The sign of Scorpio challenges the prevailing puritanism of our society, and when Venus enters it, we tend to view it with suspicion. Venus is therefore very beneficial to us until October 22, when it makes fewer friends among the other planets. This still offers us three weeks of blossoming love affairs, albeit tinged with the energies of Scorpio, which may frighten some people. So let's get over our preconceptions!

However, from October 7 to 20, sentimental dissatisfaction may arise. You'd like everything to go faster, and you may quickly tire of what's happening to you emotionally. This is the only challenge during this period. Learning patience!

On October 18, Venus enters Sagittarius. She then dons the wings of the Centaur to extend her ideals far and wide. This transit of Venus into Sagittarius brings with it a desire to give a philosophical meaning to love relationships. This entry into Sagittarius is fantastic and makes you dream! Intuition and inspiration come into play, and we're able to take our emotional relationships to new heights. But lassitude lurks, and the end of the month is rather dull.

Tuesday, October 1: The sky configuration is incredible and love lives to the rhythm of desire, while remaining prudent and reasonable.

Monday, October 7: Beware of the dissatisfaction trap. Don't think the grass is greener elsewhere.

Friday, October 18: Venus enters Sagittarius and becomes very ambitious. Our hearts think big and everything seems to succeed in love.


We're in the middle of the Scorpio season and Venus in Sagittarius is struggling to find satisfaction. Luck seems to have abandoned her, which may explain why some people are losing hope.

On November 12, Venus enters Capricorn. In this sign of firmness and loyalty, Venus loses some of its gentleness, but gains in stability. With Venus in Capricorn, we know how to be satisfied with what we have, and the principle of stability alone is enough for us.

As it enters Capricorn, Venus is lulled by illusions, and stability accommodates utopias. As a result, our judgment of feelings is subject to something impalpable, inexplicable, but which leads us down a blind alley.

It's from November 16 onwards that we wake up. Slowly... Patiently, we're building our relationship, and for singles, it's a time for wisdom, without wandering off course.

On November 26, at last, we can look forward to a bit of renewal. A breath of fresh air was needed after a few days without much flavor. We're in the Sagittarius season, and Venus begins to stir. Sudden events related to love are appearing, much to our delight. Be on the lookout for synchronicities which, by definition, can shed light on the meaning of your love life.

Tuesday November 12: Venus enters Capricorn. In keeping with the Saturnian principle of stability, you want to remain humble and faithful. However, an element disturbs the ambient calm with daydreams and utopias.

Saturday November 16: Venus evolves on its own, and this is a time of free will for us. Admittedly, it's not the most emotionally hectic period, but we still need it to come to our senses.

Thursday November 26: it's the start of a period when anything can happen, especially the best! Life speaks to you of love and surprises you. Unexpected situations can shed light on your love life, whether you're in a relationship or single.


Here we are, at the end of the last month of the year, and everything is suddenly slowing down. For, while Venus continues to move forward on the zodiac wheel, Mercury has begun its retrograde and Mars, Venus' complementary planet, will also retrograde from December 7.

From December 3, Venus takes on an energy that is both dark and revealing. It becomes authentic, helping us to touch everyone's soul. All that remains is the essential of love. We're no longer negotiating, no longer playing games, but loving in the most intense way possible. Some will experience it better than others...

Venus enters Aquarius on December 8. Distance, freedom, digital networks, brotherly love - this is what love will be like. However, as it enters Aquarius, Venus takes on a darker hue, giving our love questions a profoundly psychological meaning. It's the invisible that attracts us. We want to dive into the other person to explore their feelings. It's the understanding of love in its deepest recesses... Love will have to deal with a certain frustration. Desire is at the opposite end of the spectrum, and you need to find the complementarity you're looking for. Now is the time to believe in luck! It will come back and save us from a situation we'd find hard to positivize. This luck will manifest itself from December 15 to 23. There are opportunities to be seized, and this state of the heavens will enable you to get past any difficulties you may encounter. Then, be careful, as the end-of-year festivities can lead to undesirable situations.

Tuesday, December 3: This is the beginning of a transit that plunges us into the darkness of the invisible. A sense of emotional psychology develops, and we'll learn a lot about our love.

Sunday December 8: Venus enters Aquarius, a sign of fraternity, but also of instability, appreciating distance and freedom.

Sunday, December 15: a big week of opportunities begins. Luck smiles on you.

Monday, December 23: During the festive season, take it easy on your love life by exercising restraint.

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