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Introduction: Like the bee!

Cancer ascendant Virgo: You are quiet and unobtrusive, but very efficient in what you do, although you are only interested in things you are sure you can do. You do not like to take risks and many situations make you anxious. Your sensibilities can be easily offended, so you need to be surrounded by gentle and understanding people. You are upright and will never betray anyone's trust.

Strengths of the for Cancer ascendant Virgo: Resistant and efficient
Weaknesses of the for Cancer ascendant Virgo: Introverted and shy

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Personality: A little shy!

Introverted, discreet, shy, you have a strong tendency to withdraw into yourself, to erase yourself. Anxious, you are complexed and you cruelly lack confidence in you, in your capacities. There is a conflict between your sensitivity, your dreams and your intellect, your reason. Every time you catch yourself dreaming of a better situation, letting yourself go with your inspiration, a voice brings you back to more down to earth considerations.

Vitality / Temperament: Need for benchmarks!

You are, at first sight, discreet and attentive to others. You are intuitive, turned towards a rich interiority. You are not lacking in common sense or practicality and you are naturally inclined to think of the well-being of your loved ones first. You know how to roll up your sleeves to work when you have a goal in mind that motivates you. Otherwise, you become totally carefree! You have a potential of creativity which only asks to be exploited, but you tend to underestimate yourself, to see in you only the defects, thus leaving the way open to the critics...

Love and emotional relationships: Safety first!

In love, you are looking for a peaceful relationship, you need tenderness and security more than passion. Concerned about the other person, listening to him/her, you are a model spouse, a little clumsy in the expression of your feelings, but very romantic. You will evolve through life without ever denying your emotional needs, you need security in this area, which sometimes pushes you in unproductive directions. Between thrills and security, you bet on stability.

In the family: You take care of everything!

You are deeply devoted to your loved ones, you spend a lot of money when it comes to those you love and you are very sentimental. But you are handicapped by an anxious temperament and you apprehend everything of the life. You need a strong partner who reassures you. You are reliable in your daily work and in the management of your home: efficient and attentive to details, you can be trusted, because you are perfectly honest.

Relationship with money / material goods: Discreet, but profitable!

You lack ambition because you prevent yourself from aiming too high. You seek security and calmness more than great success. At work, you show however a great professionalism. You are calm, organized, methodical, rigorous, you like work well done. Extremely devoted, you take care of others more than yourself, you need to make yourself useful to feel good about yourself.

Socio-professional life: Wise except for some exceptions!

Cancer is intuitive and anxious, Virgo is prudent and reasonable, all of which protects you rather well from big financial problems. You are not particularly spendthrift, luxury leaves you quite indifferent, but, in times of crisis or frustration, you may compensate by compulsive purchases. In general, this does not last and you quickly regain your common sense. You have an excellent disposition to invest wisely, perhaps you just lack a little more audacity.

Sphere of friendship: Good friends for life!

Friends are very important to you, but you choose them carefully and guard against toxic or self-serving people as much as possible. Once in confidence, you have a great time with your friends, with a preference for good, hearty meals, activities with the kids, or nature dates. You are discreet, but very helpful, which makes you very popular and sought after by people who understand that they will find you a sympathetic ear and a lot of goodwill.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in an earth sign

Your intimacy is sweet, secretive, you are faithful and devoted to your partner and, most often, your home is a haven of peace and sweetness. It is just that you do not lock yourself into a perpetual routine.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

Friends and projects are the driving force in your life. You have high hopes and need to invest yourself in a collective, in a group of people who share the same ideals as you, who defend a cause or want to improve society.

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