Neptune: a very slow planet!

Written by Mary

Neptune governs the sign of Pisces, in which he has just entered. This planet is one of the slowest and goes around the Zodiac in 164 years, it takes about 14 years to cross each sign. His position in each sign is much more about community, a whole generation, which explains its use in studies of world astrology. His influence may, however, become more personal in some natal charts of the sky. It is then interesting to consider in which house it is and what aspects it has with the other planets.

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Neptune symbolizes dreams, ideals, and spirituality. Like all planets, depending on whether it is right or wrong, its influence will be positive or negative. The good side of Neptune: this planet inspires us; it helps us a lot to be creative. It is also the planet of benevolence and dedication on the collective level: many doctors and NGO members are Pisces or Neptune is dominant in their theme. But Neptune is also the gateway to lies and illusions. Poorly lived, Neptune can sometimes induce toxic addictions, which then serve to transcend a daily life that one wants to flee.

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