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How to cultivate optimism?

Written by Mary

"There are people who say they can, and others that they cannot. In general they are all right. This quote from Henry Ford sums up the two types of vision that animate each other. To cultivate creative optimism, it is sometimes necessary to get rid of certain weeds. After which optimism can begin to give beautiful flowers. Let's review each astrological sign so that everyone can be referred to this path of optimism. We wish you the best!


Believe in the potential of others:
Train yourself to see the good side of others, offer them your help, encourage them and thank them. And you will say to yourself: and me, in this entire story? Indeed, all of you, at first sight, nevertheless your projects will find their optimal expression only with the participation of people of talents that surrounds you. And that is priceless!


Make your gifts blossom in the work:
Know how to integrate yourself in a work where your gifts will be able to express. So your experience will become vital, and your feeling of making sense of what you are doing will be very positive. Enjoying your productivity will have a significant impact on your mood, which will become more optimistic and fulfilling.


Surround yourself with positive people:
Avoid gossip and play an even more enjoyable game: "saying well" or blessing. This can be a challenge for you, but to speak of others with humanity will evacuate this image of a slanderer; you will open your benevolent sensibility that you do not even suspect and that will attract you to positive people. Since, the most important thing is to create a social environment that will influence you at best.


Beware the past:
Set aside your thoughts bathing in problematic past events. When you ruminate, be willing to focus on what you plan to do based on a memory of success. This will change your perception and your state of mind to exploit your wonderful resources and move on.


Highlight your successes:
Unlike the pessimist who has only attentions on the bad sides of his career, point out everything that allowed you your little successes. By becoming aware of it, you will see that it sets up a virtuous circle which will stimulate you, while making you gain in ambition. It will gradually feed your imagination into ideas, dreams and smiles.


Write your diary:
To begin, give yourself the right to the error and consider that it is from them that you will cross a course and progress. Then, keep a journal of positive events. Find at least three a day, list them and you will find that by focusing on them, they will multiply by the same amount. The idea is simple and can help you perform miracles.


Believe in yourself:
Do not put in the attic of your disappointed dreams your vision of an ideal life. It is more appropriate to rely on what you already are, namely your gifts, your inclinations and your talents, than to force yourself to become the one you are not, sweat of your forehead. Start by opening your eyes to what you love and practice activities that exalt you!


Observe the positive signs:
Sweep away any ironic contempt you may have about life. And determine your share of responsibility for the positive events that occur in your life. Meditating and smiling more often makes you feel more serene and relaxed, attracting you to opportunities, exciting and unexpected encounters.


Take care of your health:
It is by taking care of your body that you will restore tone to your view of life. Exercise regularly, get enough sleep and relax regularly. Consider that your body is your best friend, the one who accompanies you on a daily basis, and who in return awaits your kindness to it.


Laugh, smile:
Studies in Norway have shown that practicing a sense of humor has a positive impact on our health and social existence. To the point of reducing mortality by 20%! Laughter is a medicine to grow that prevents negative effects on our body. Even smiling produces a biological process that makes our minds more flexible and Zen. Think about it!


Find the nuggets:
Reopen your emotional baggage, the one that contains exhilarating memories. Take a trip back in time by resituating yourself in those moments where laughter and attitude Zen irrigated your existence. You will change your personal state completely, it's guaranteed. You can start to find photos of your best memories that will be enough, to give you the banana and get off to a good start!


Meditate or create:
Practice meditation once a day for 15 minutes and totally abandon yourself to this posture: do not expect anything exceptional, especially; otherwise you may be disappointed. By opening yourself in the present, you will make discoveries about yourself, completely refreshed. And open to the present, you will acquire an open and positive vision. At another level, creating is also a good alternative and synonymous with well-being!

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