Zodiac Signs

What are your charming features to seduce?

Written by Mary

Each sign of the zodiac has its own magic, a characteristic feature of its personality that makes it particularly attractive. What is your quality that has the greatest impact on others? Self-confidence? The sense of humor? Listening? This is what we propose to see by examining each astrological sign. By having a glimpse of what determines your intrinsic charm, you can play it, awaken your charisma, even cultivate it, and take your own power.


The momentum towards novelty
You have great facility not to make any room, to advance and to experiment things with enthusiasm; nothing is more inscribed in your genes than this dynamic. We love you for your faculty to hold the reins of a project, that it is the game or looks more serious. As you are full of imagination, we know that we will live with you unusual things and always rich in emotions.


Reassuring proximity
You are appreciated for your good manners. Indeed, you know how to have a good time while being relaxed and present to others. We know that in your presence, this is the slice of fun assured without a bad surprise, on the contrary, it is a festival of beautiful and good things. You are a friend for life, incapable of betrayal or deceit. You are trustworthy and it is not stolen!


Creative vivacity
We never get bored with you. You are always inspired to feed a dying discussion, to unravel the difficulty in a project or to know which destination to take as part of an uncertain route. Your intellect as well as your instincts are the answers to hassle or problems. In addition, you have a sense of humor, which does not spoil anything in sometimes destabilizing situations.


A touching sensibility
Others feel perfectly understood with you; your ability to connect to others makes you very human as well as mysterious. We admire you for your sweetness and your gift of penetration of spirits. You are able to be present at the same time as one to the people around you. And thanks to your long memory, you save birthday dates, details in your loved ones that makes you very endearing.


Your sunny confidence is such that one has the impression of tanning at your side. Your entourage knows that by your side they will have a good time necessarily fun. Even if you are a bit dirigiste, we appreciate you a lot for your ease, your joy of living, and that is worth all the speeches. Under your great lord temperament, you possess a generous heart that likes to please. That's what draws you to a whole bunch of admirers.


The spirit of service
You are alert, always on the lookout for service, advice or problem solving. And as you are often available, clear-minded and emotion-free, you seem like a wise and sensible person. You are trusted with your instinct of enlightened and wise yogi and your disinterested finesse. That's why you succeed in the world of work but not only: you are perceived in the sphere of everyday life as someone of great value.


The natural charm
You like to live in contact with others and you have the art and the way to express yourself. You also know how to prepare for the big occasions but also for the most insignificant ones. In short, you are a kind of ambassador of style and good taste. We do not hesitate to invite you to meetings where you can discuss various topics because your charm operates even if the discussion turns vinegar. With you, the vinegar turns appreciably good. You personify grace and elegance.


You do not stop at anything, in any case nothing that can bring you intense and inflamed sensations. You need to take risks, to play sometimes with fire. You aim for the object of your desire with a strength and determination like no other. This is what feeds your sex appeal and makes you irresistible. Being so alive attracts you to those who need to drink from your energy.


You have such confidence in life that you embrace it. Your lucky star makes you go without imagining for a second that you will pick up. But if that happens, you'll get up and go to other altitudes. Those who appreciate you follow you, energized by your ardent energy, and follow you in your projects. You are an integral part of the movement of life with this colorful touch.


You trace your route in total autonomy with your well-defined objectives. To accomplish your tasks, you do not need anyone because you draw strength from yourself. In vain you lend a hand, your insurance added to your solitary nature is such that you make others understand that you feel better as well. It is when your goals are achieved that you like to share something in common with your loved ones.


The spirit of tolerance
Your openness never makes any difference. Others can have the opinions that they wish, can live as they wish, you find that very well. The freedom to be and think matters to you because you love in return that you are left free to express your way of living and expressing yourself. Your intelligence from the heart may, however, be harmed if the person is fundamentally dishonest; that you do not let it pass.


A refreshing sobriety
You know how to make yourself discreet while bringing sweetness and freshness to live around you. Your reserved side can also bring a bit of fantasy that relaxes and makes people happy, whether they are aware or not. That's why there's no other like you, your singularity makes you unique. And even if you know that the world is not the most tender, you keep track of who you are.


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