Your Tarot Card Reading in Houses

Written by Alison

STEP 2 / 2: It is time to choose the 12 cards that will reveal the climate of the coming months. Concentrate, think of nothing and draw 5 of the 22 cards proposed by the Tarot de Marseille.

Today, we propose you deepen your knowledge of yourself with the most complete divinatory drawing, which is the tarot of the houses, based on the drawing of 12 cards of the tarot of Marseille.

This most complete Tarot reading from ancient Egypt, the Book of Thoth or Hermes, gives you the keys to better understand your journey. A draw of 12 arcana with 12 houses representative of a particular field of your life. Successively, this drawing will give you all the keys to understanding each area of your life: your appearance, your material possessions, your life path, your family, your love life, your work, and your friendships...

These houses will all, one by one, reinforce your enrichment in their fields. This will be a real asset to stand out and finally become aware of your personal path.

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