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2020 Horoscope
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Happy with other people
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Love Compatibility of Libra

  Written by Alison

Libra, sensual and refined, sensitive to harmony and always anxious to safeguard your emotional and moral balance, as well as peaceful relationships with those around you, you are sociable and friendly. Romantic and endowed with an innate charm, you like that your partner gets rid of everyday problems and gives you absolute confidence.

We now reveal to you the affinities you have with the other signs of the zodiac:

A loving relationship between the Aries and the Libra sign
Spotlight on the romance of an Aries with a Libra!

A loving relationship between the Taurus and the Libra sign
Discover the relationship between the sign of a Taurus and a Libra: an explosive couple!

Affinities in love between Gemini and Libra
It's a beautiful relationship based on complicity, elegance, lightness, and sociability where you do not run any risks.

An analysis of the relationship between Cancer and Libra
Discover the love relationship that unites a Cancer with a Libra!

Affinity and love between Leo and Libra
You have compatible tastes where everyone looks to evolve with the other in admiration and understanding.

Tips for love for the Virgo and Libra couple
It will be necessary to think of evolving over time towards more responsibilities, depth, and common projects.

Love compatibility for two Libra
Libra Libra: you like going out, moving, seeing the world, everything interests you!

The relationship between Libra and Scorpio
Libra - Scorpio duo: there is a beautiful reciprocity between your temperaments which are mutually nuanced.

Compatibility of Libra in love with the Sagittarius sign
Sagittarius Libra: You are a rewarding couple for you and those around you. The synergy of your qualities is remarkable!

Love Compatibility of Libra with Capricorn sign
Capricorn Libra: Harmony is hard to find between the lightness of one and the rigidity of the other

Your relationship between the sign of Libra and the Aquarius
Libra Aquarius duo: your relationship promises to be harmonious, even if an Aquarius loves their freedom!

An amorous relationship for Libra and Pisces
Libra Pisces duo: you have every chance of meeting between your ideals and your ability to adapt for love.

They work with Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, and Virgo
They get stuck with Leo and Aquarius

The Men:
1st decan
This kind of man often unleashes passions, sympathy, or immediate rejection. There is something extravagant in his attitudes. He likes to push the limits. He lives love as a quest and takes pleasure in testing his partner, even if it means taking risks. This behavior puts women to the test. The challenges are constant, the passion too ...
A Cancer woman can manage the violent flood of emotions of the 1st decan of Scorpio and find the romance. If she is in love, she will compete in skill at this game of passion.

2nd decan
It is a decan difficult to define, intuitive, impulsive, and carnal. This man is tormented by curiosity and feels the need to experiment. He needs a stimulating woman who replies and surprises him year after year. He will have a hard time living a conventional relationship, but he can thrive off the beaten track.
A Capricorn woman will continuously surprise the 2nd decan of Scorpio by the depth and the accuracy of her observations. For her part, she will appreciate the comforting blaze that this well-treated 2nd decan becomes.

3rd decan
This man aspires to the fusion of soul and body with his partner. More prosaically, his intense sensuality, stimulated by his emotions and his need to seduce and be seduced, does not make him a champion of loyalty. That does not prevent him from being jealous and possessive, as his thirst for the absolute is so great. He is more dependent than he thinks and is just looking for limitless love.
A Pisces woman will share this desire for fusion and will share with a man of the 3rd decan a wild daily life, questioned continuously but romantic at will.

The Women:
1st decan
She is a very clear-sighted woman who is difficult to lie to and who, for her part, has great difficulty in formulating what she feels. Her immediate reactions range from irrepressible attraction to total rejection. When she loves, it is overnight and forever. She gives off a real magnetism that makes her bewitching.
A Taurus man will be very complementary. He will love the Scorpio woman from the 1st decan forever. Their crossed sensualities can make for a particularly happy couple on the physical level.

2nd decan
She is a free woman who is unwilling to submit. She is rather unconventional, even provocative. She needs to fill her existence to feel alive and is not prone to compromise. She needs to exercise her independence of mind before eventually settling down if she feels that she is alive with her partner.
A Pisces man will leave all the space necessary for the Scorpio woman of the 2nd decan. He will color her daily life with tenderness and sweetness. He will be happy that she takes charge of her destiny.

3rd decan
This idealistic, sentimental, sensual, and cerebral woman is subject to romantic outbursts and sometimes lacks stability. She seeks to appropriate her partner but gives herself without limits. She is suspicious while being permissive. She has broad ideas but does not support the idea of being betrayed or disappointed.
A Virgo man can effectively channel the emotions of a Scorpio woman from the 3rd decan. He will never give her a low blow likely to disappoint her. For his part, he will appreciate the romanticism of his partner.

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