Aries: your horoscope for the 27th of June 2022

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

Be determined if temptation becomes too strong for you... You're finding it hard to stay calm today! You are on better form and more able to face what needs to be faced. Don't get bogged down in futile discussions.



Your honesty and impartiality will help you avoid a trap. Be completely yourself but beware of temptations.

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Things will be perfect if you agree to play the game with your partner. There's nothing to fear; you will gain in passion and emotional security.

Yesterday: 4/5YesterdayToday: 3/5TodayTomorrow: 3/5TomorrowThursday: 1/5ThursdayFriday: 2/5FridaySaturday: 3/5SaturdaySunday: 2/5SundayMonday: 2/5Monday



You will be bold enough to convince others that your projects are well-founded. Your path is becoming clear.

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You are finding the upset in relations around you very disruptive and it's hindering your effectiveness. Work on your own if you want to keep going.

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This week


The moon is in Gemini, in position 17 degree(s),16 minute(s): Lots of things on the go at once, conflict between feelings and reason, social engagements, phone calls, restlessness.

First decan

21st March to 1st April

Your exchanges with others will be numerous and varied in a youthful and amusing climate, but they will lack depth. This will be good for informal encounters, flings or intellectual subject areas. Your mind will be lively and your reactions very clever. Make the most of this.

Second decan

2nd April to 11th April

Those close to you will be a source of satisfaction, especially intellectually. It won't be hard for you to find an attentive and receptive audience. All you need to do is look at potential criticism from the positive side, even accept it and take it into account, as it will often be tinged with common-sense.

Third decan

12th April to 20th April

Today, your main strong point will lie in your initiatives, which will bring you some wonderful opportunities. Your weaknesses are impulsiveness and impatience. Learn to control your reactions and think before you act. That way, you'll conduct some excellent business!

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