Cancer's horoscope for November 2024

Written by Daisy

On the 19th, Pluto leaves Capricorn. Venus stays in this sign between the 12th and the 30th. These dissonances can destabilize you by their rigor and their coldness. This month, if you feel that people are more distant or less extroverted, do not take umbrage. Do not imagine that everything is final or that you have done something because that's not the case. They do not blame you for anything, in particular, be reassured on this point. Do not focus on attitudes or words. Instead, take them with relaxation and kindness. Also, wait until things come back in order naturally. That done, you will find that these people still have as many affections for you and nothing has changed.

Cancer: Love in General para November 2024

Cancer: Between the 12th and the 30th, Venus cools your love. A distance installs for no apparent reason. As a result, the outcome of a relationship or a meeting can torment you more than is reasonable. In this state of mind, and before making a radical decision, take a step back.

Cancer: In a relationship para November 2024

Cancer: Your relationship is not perfect. However, it has beautiful years ahead of it. Do not focus on the small manias of your spouse and see their good qualities. In doing so, this coldness, which discourages you, will not affect you.

Single para November 2024

Cancer: Between the 12th and the 30th, Venus invites you to meet people who wish to get involved. Alas, they are not hopeless romantics, and that can disorient you. In these circumstances, do not force them to take any initiative.

Cancer: Career / Finance para November 2024

Cancer: Your emotions, often numerous, could serve your professional or financial interests this month. Indeed, under the leadership of a Sun in Scorpio until the 21st, your capacity for action will be secure. You are one step ahead when it comes to feeling people and events. This is favourable to your evolution. Mars leaves your sign on the 4th and gives you significant financial pugnacity. You wish to earn more, and you invest more. Pluto, in front of you until the 18th, breathes its harshness but also its resistance. You will not let go! Saturn will be direct on the 15th and comes to lend you a hand. You will be enduring and patient. From the 2nd to the 30th, good news from a contract?

Cancer: Advice from FREE Horoscope para November 2024

Cancer: Do not take everything literally. In doing so, you will be pleasantly astonished at the seriousness and constancy of some people towards you.

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