Virgo's horoscope for November 2024

Written by Daisy

The departure of Mars from Cancer and Mercury from Scorpio leaves you with the dissonances of Sagittarius and Gemini. In these circumstances, you have the impression that nobody understands you. Your words are misinterpreted. On the worst days, misunderstandings delay the progress of your projects. People do not respect their commitment on time. So, you think that nothing is going in the right direction and that what is proposed to you does not suit you. To get out of this impasse, enjoy the return of Pluto in Capricorn. With the precious help of the Sun in Scorpio, he encourages you to see things differently. It gives you the courage to act and change what needs to be, even if it means being radical.

Virgo: Love in General para November 2024

Virgo: Venus in Sagittarius, creates misunderstandings. If you try to clarify the situation, disputes increase. From the 12th, thanks to Venus in Capricorn, things get back to normal. Your sincerity is recognized and appreciated. People who do not suit you are moving away and those who match you are getting closer.

Virgo: In a relationship para November 2024

Virgo: Venus in Capricorn encourages you to regain control of the situation. You do things very well, as usual. However, Mercury in Sagittarius still sows discord. Do not take kid gloves when saying what you think.

Single para November 2024

Virgo: Fate continues to do things well, but you may be distracted by evil spirits. You must make a choice and a good one! To succeed in this prodigy, explore your memories of love, and you will have the right answer.

Virgo: Career / Finance para November 2024

Virgo: This month will be so-so. The professional sphere, which is so important to you, could challenge you to delegate and trust others, which tends to increase your stress. From the 4th to the 31st, Mars in Leo could bring you a lot of poorly closed files, or you could feel the urgency to act without being able to do so. Mercury, from the 2nd to the 30th, accentuates your intellectual and relational feverishness. Relax, your work must not take precedence over your health and affect your self-confidence. From the 11th, Venus softens the atmosphere. Your charisma will increase and will help you carry out your missions more efficiently.

Virgo: Advice from FREE Horoscope para November 2024

Virgo: Stay aligned with your values and do not stray! In doing so, you will avoid embarking on plans that routinely lead you into a dead end.

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