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Written by Daisy

By nature, Jupiter in Aries promotes and encourages opportunity, luck, comfort, and evolution. All in unforeseen and sometimes incongruous circumstances. However, it has the merit of making things happen. It makes you want to undertake, create, and experience situations and events thoroughly. Intense and uncompromising, Jupiter in Aries inspires action without worrying about the consequences. In these circumstances, this could foreshadow reversals of unexpected situations. Fortunately, the presence of Saturn in Aquarius delays the heat. It slows down when things get too fast. He encourages those concerned to exercise wisdom when necessary. He helps weigh the pros and cons before taking action. Also, he promotes the use of experience to set up projects. Although he promotes wisdom, he advocates favoring innovative concepts and out of the ordinary ideas.

The signs of fire and air are the first to be affected by the alliance of Jupiter and Saturn. With Mars in Gemini as reinforcement, they will experience the desire to change things. They're going to want to break the daily grind. They will rediscover the pleasure and the taste to love, to undertake, to move and to meet new people. However, with Mercury, who stays in Aquarius from the 12th, the exchanges may not be very romantic. Some will claim their independence without questioning their relationship. Others will feel like they are suffocating, and their reactions may be surprising. Wisdom advocates waiting for the pressure to drop rather than adding fuel to the fire.

As for the signs of water and earth, although they still have the support of Uranus, Pluto and Neptune, they could feel deprived in their daily life. To make up for this lack, they can count on Venus, who is in Pisces from the 1st to the 20th, and on the Sun, which enters this sign on the 19th. Thanks to these energies, they will concretize the relationships and the projects which are already underway. However, some may have opportunities from Jupiter in Aries. If they are interested, they can pay attention, but provided they keep in mind that with Aries, you have to be responsive and available.

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2023 horoscope for all zodiac signs:

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