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Written by Alison

The Year of the Water Rabbit begins on January 22, 2023, and ends on February 9, 2024. After a year ruled by the Water Tiger, the Rabbit, which is also in Water, will be a blessing for those who are tired. It takes away agitation, demands, and the dynamism that has caused upheavals. It encourages comfort and tranquillity, reforms and change are out of the question. The unexpected is disintegrating in favour of a more regular and secure life.

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The art of living is making a strong comeback. With this delicious Rabbit, friends will become closer. People who have lost touch with each other will find each other again with joy. It encourages and promotes those small attentions that have fallen into disuse. This year, sending cute cards for holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries will be appreciated. Offering flowers or small gifts, just to please, will enchant hearts and minds. Moreover, it will bounce back feelings and delight romantic spirits.

By nature, the Rabbit loves routine because it makes them feel secure. But in the long run, and if there is not a little note of fantasy, life gets bogged down in this monotony that makes time long. So, although this year of the Rabbit is full of virtues, one must be careful not to pass over to the dark side of its strength. Because in this case, some people will live paralyzed hours at the bottom of their sofa.

Avoid these inconveniences by following wisdom, which encourages everyone to be inspired by the art of living through the Hare. Spending pleasant days or evenings with friends or family will be an excellent idea. The signs most receptive to the Hare will prefer to stay at home because travel will not enthuse them. On the other hand, signs that like change and travelling around the world will get bored stiff unless they discover new hobbies or unknown talents.

Rational, precise, attentive and endowed with a great spirit of analysis, the year of the Water Hare encourages you to think before making a decision. It favours those who favour comfort and, of course, safety. The water element makes it more emotional, tender, and romantic than usual. On the worst days, it can trigger unusual lazy sessions.

The water element makes it more emotional, tender, and romantic than usual. On the worst days, it can trigger unusual lazy sessions.


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