Free 2022 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

The year of the Water Tiger begins on February 1, 2022 and ends on January 21, 2023. With water as an element, its intensity is more moderate. We are less vengeful and more inclined to think. Although this year is energetic, enthusiastic, and enterprising, it remains reasonable.

More thoughtful and more careful, the year of the Water Tiger is more natural to live. It favors logic, which it associates with action, as soon as events impose it. A realism will avoid projects that are too daring while supporting those that will preserve gains. However, this year retains an aura that leaves no one indifferent. Sincere, authoritarian, lucky, and sensitive, the Tiger puts action in the most peaceful of lives. It encourages people to leave the frameworks previously established.

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Thanks to the year of the Water Tiger, life finds more movement. It comes out, gently, from the rigidity imposed by the Ox during the previous year. The openness of the Tiger will encourage new ideas and experiences that open up other perspectives. With the water element, the legendary Tiger rebellion is at the service of ideas of social character. It is necessary to foresee that a political effervescence arises without warning. Humanistic minds can dazzle ideals that will enchant those who seek freedom but frighten those who are more conservative.

With the Tiger, conservatism and monotony from the previous year is defeated. Those who felt stuck in a rut will appreciate this year. Their room to maneuver will increase. They will undertake as they please without having to make superhuman efforts. Those who like to take action will feel more comfortable.

People who appreciate and seek change will be delighted. However, for their projects to succeed, they will have to be wary of their inconstancy and the recklessness of their emotions. As for people who prefer safe values, they will have to tame the new methods that will emerge. Some will have to be inspired by the courage of the Tiger for their situation to take the turn they hoped for. The less daring will wait wisely for the wheel to turn in their favor.


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