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Love-passion or love-friendship?

Written by Mary

Does love-passion symbolize the zenith of love? Or does it burn too fast or it may go out soon after the first breath? Perhaps you prefer love-friendship, quieter in the eyes of some, but warmer in the eyes of others. For each astrological sign, there is a personal view of the question. Let's operate a zodiac tour to capture the idea behind each sign...


Love furiously:
Love-passion is second nature to you because it is never possible to die of boredom. You love to go beyond your limits because it allows you to arrive in unknown territory and to taste the unpublished. Hot love pulses in your veins like rock music, and beware of your partner if he does not keep pace. According to you, life is made to vibrate again and again!


Love exclusively:
When you fall in love, you get excited and you are living at very fast pace with your beloved. Love-passion, that is, but within limits that you will impose on your duo so that it is, on the one hand, exclusive, and on the other hand, not harmful or devastating. You need to tandem on foundations that allow you a sensible, healthy and sensual evolution, and that remains in conformity with the norms.


Love freely:
Love-friendship suits you very well because it allows you to play with your partner, whether in a form of enrichment or intellectual jousting, or in a setting of romantic attentions more open than engaged. You need freedom, space, flirtations and changing encounters, energizing to breathe your precious independence.


Love deeply:
Once you have united your soul to that of your other half, it is difficult for you to detach yourself from it. In a dynamic of love-passion, you perceive your partner as a necessity to your existence. Very receptive, hugs are for you synonyms of emotional security; you quickly become addicted. Your duet is alchemy of exalted romance and reassuring warmth.


Love madly:
You love your partner with all your heart so that it will become a source of inspiration to guide your life, fuel your creativity. Passion-love makes you write poems to her, communicating a feeling of euphoria. You are ready to shout on every roof the delightful upheaval that enlightens you.


Love reasonably:
In your eyes, love-friendship is more interesting than love-passion because you keep a clear mind that does not take you into the illusion. You need to be complicit, to attach yourself to your partner, to understand him, to help him, but not to blind you. It is in this perspective that you conceive a relationship that is not devoid of tenderness and intensity.


Love: your reason for being:
You swing a bit between the two: at first love-passion inaugurates your love relationship burning and devouring, after which it is a form of friendly tenderness that takes over, where the exchanges do not lack so much salt, showing subtle yet powerful attachment, comrade complicity and deep affection.


To love excessively:
In your eyes, love-friendship would be only a form of exchange somewhat lukewarm and almost without interest. You do not conceive a relationship without it being passionate, fantasy, ecstatic. You invest all your energy in fearing that this moment of psychic fusion cannot last continuously. Love-passion is your reason for being, your oxygen, your DNA.


Love passionately with breaks:
With you, there is no love without passion. Your firepower qualities and your heart in a trance need to smash the thoughts, to break the landmarks, to draw a new continent, that of an insatiable love where your duo will seek to break with the most boring everyday life. On the other hand, knowing how to respect the freedom of the other, you know to take breaks so that everyone can go breathe another climate and get back in shape for your duo.


Love in composition:
With you, everything begins with love-passion while over time; you will set boundaries and guidelines. Your convictions and beliefs must remain a beacon that can illuminate your horizon. The transition with love-friendship is smooth because it gives you the opportunity to settle in a controllable love relationship that reassures you and allows your duo to improve with feelings more measured but deep.


Love in all fellowship:
You are not likely to feel any sense of jealousy about your beloved. Indeed, you respect so much independence that passionate love could make you too addicted to your partner; which does not prevent that in a form of love-friendship, you are not passionate - this is all your paradox - but on a spiritual and intellectual level. Your duo forms the best of friends.


Love without limits:
"When love-passion no longer has reason to exist, love-compassion still finds employment" wrote the philosopher Amiel... Love-passion is a thing that is part of your personality because you love without limit and all your being. However, you manage to deny the thought of the philosopher because through passion, your partner becomes a cordial ally with whom you share his joys and sorrows. Your compassionate passion makes your duo a united two-headed person.

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