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Friday, February the 21st
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The Sign of Pisces
Astro sign and friendship
Astro sign and friendship
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Ecological tips

Compatibility of Capricorn in love with the Aquarius sign

  Written by Alison

Capricorn, often unconsciously, structures their entire existence around their relationship. They have a very supportive view but they can put off Aquarius who is attached to their autonomy. Capricorn has some immobility and Aquarius has something unstable. If each of you tries to understand the other, you can both become enriched with new sensations and have a pleasant experience

Sign compatibility between Capricorn and Aquarius

Capricorn Aquarius

You won't go unnoticed! Each one can find their groove in this mix between a solid, planted structure and a bit of madness. Each is fascinated by the other, but for this to last, adjustments and agreements will have to be made and respect given. Capricorn, expand your field of vision, and, as for you Aquarius, listen to your sensible partner to come back within feasible limits.

Compatibility between female Capricorn and male Aquarius

Female Capricorn Male Aquarius

Quite a unique bond between these two signs: lady Capricorn is wise and neat, while her Aquarius is extraverted with somewhat "off-the-wall" ideas. The variety and unpredictability will give this relationship some spice and infatuation! This woman, so stern and categorical, will have to come to accept her man's frivolous and adventurous spirit if she ever wants this relationship - that she wanted simply out of curiosity at first - to have a chance! You, Aquarius man, if you love your partner, beware: she has a strong resolve and could distance herself from you. Your configuration stresses the potential for your partner to learn more and more of your deep personality.

Compatibility between male Capricorn and female Aquarius

Male Capricorn Female Aquarius

Lady Aquarius will have to wise and selfless to accept her Capricorn's high aspirations, long meditative silences, and strong attachment to his family. This is a relationship for the long-haul, based on work. Aquarius will bring a little kindness and distraction into their relationship. Over time, each one will become less and less themselves and could even end up becoming copies of the other. They are strongly intellectual, and this will allow them to delve into deep, intellectual explorations.

Compatibility between female Capricorn and female Aquarius

Female Capricorn Female Aquarius

Aquarius, you will have to learn to live beside this woman who is at once extremely sensitive yet clear-headed and very aware of the uglier aspects in life. So let her criticize your brand new idea, and then let time do its work. She will realize on her own that she isn't always right and that other people can accomplish great things, too! Her moral support will be a source of strength for you on the way to making your ideals a reality. Especially when it comes to the practical details, her pragmatism will be of great help. To keep the most fragile aspects of your relationship in place, you will have to be more romantic.

Compatibility between male Capricorn and male Aquarius

Male Capricorn Male Aquarius

Though you might have different temperaments, you are not, for all that, incompatible, and so could have a wonderful relationship. Capricorn stuffs his emotions down, measures his reactions, and enjoys calm. Aquarius, free, autonomous, and independent, appreciates Capricorn's self-control and discretion. Capricorn enjoys their partner's joking, which instills their daily life with serenity, fun, and various, diverse discoveries. Aquarius brings fantasy and decisiveness, Capricorn faithfulness and carefulness. These aspects are very easily complementary and will give you a comfortable and well-balanced life together.

Calculate your love compatibility between Capricorn and Aquarius

Get your love compatibility between Capricorn and Aquarius, it's a completely free service. You will be able to discover the specificities of your couple, your strengths as a couple and the pitfalls to avoid, all in a fun and user-friendly format.

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