Our skies are perpetually moving!

Written by Alison

Our skies are perpetually moving. Find out about our astrological calendar without delay ... All you need to know, here! Beyond the seasons, each planet also influences our daily life. By examining the particular effect of slow planets, we get a better understanding of the planetary influences at stake. This "meteorological" observation of the sky is very much used in the exercise of world astrology, which foresees ambiances and collective events likely to occur.

The Sun entering the constellation of Aries around March 21st indicates the beginning of the natural cycle of the Earth with the spring equinox. Around June 21st, the arrival of the Sun in the constellation of Cancer opens the summer. The solstice corresponds to the shortest shine of the year. Around September 23rd, the autumnal equinox corresponds to the Sun's entry into Libra and around December 21st, the winter solstice, linked to the Sun in Capricorn, induces the longest night of the year.

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Aries, symbolizing spring and renewal, is a "cardinal" sign that opens the season. Like spring, it is young, determined, courageous, and enterprising. In the heart of spring, we find the fixed sign of Taurus, which symbolizes all the sensuality of this season. At the end of spring, Gemini, mutable, lively, and communicative, makes the transition to summer and Cancer. Leo evokes what summer holds, the warmest and the blossoming of the personality. In September, Virgo perfectly illustrates the start of fall with an emphasis on intellect, rigor, and discipline. Libra, which coincides with the Autumn Equinox, presides over relationships, weddings, and collaborations that will strengthen all relationships or groups to face a hard winter symbolically. Scorpio illustrates sensual passion and self-reliance of the mid-season as Sagittarius plays the smuggler between the fall and winter announced by the winter solstice in Capricorn. Aquarius is at the heart of winter, immersed in autonomy, independence, and a certain fixity. Pisces signifies the end of the cycle, at the time of melting ice.

This is how the seasons follow each other. Each month is a sign symbolizing a natural stage, from birth, through blooming to the dead leaves of autumn — the rest of winter and the melting of ice that marks the end of the cycle.

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