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Are you jealous?

  Written by Mary

Jealousy is a feeling that often breaks in the middle of a relation in couple. In most cases it shows up in a moderate way, in shape of a normal reaction proving that your other half matters so much to you and you would not like to share her with others. But there are times when jealousy is omnipresent and might promptly become unhealthy.

You go out with a pretty girl but other men staring at her get on your nerves! How to tell your degree of this possessive feeling that could rapidly pollute your relation? This quizz will reveal you if you are a jealous type of man.

Your girlfriend says she doesn't want to move in with you yet:
You don't want to go out with her any more. You're disappointed.
You accept it, but hope she will sooner or later
It doesn't bother you in the least. You like living alone.

Your girlfriend raves about an actor on TV:
You feel useless and awful.
Oh, if only there was no such thing as television!
You rave about women on TV as well. That's normal.

What is love?
A feeling you cannot avoid and which can be painful at times.
It's the greatest thing in the world.
Wonderful, as long as both partners can hold on to their independence.

What should a couple share?
They should have interests in common.
They should share material possessions.
They need to be sincere. Love is about sharing.

One of your best friends tells you about his wonderful relationship:
You're happy for him
It leaves you cold.
You'd like to have a relationship like that.

You wife is planning to go out without you:
You make the most of her absence to watch a football match.
She's free to do what she wants.
You resent her for doing something without you.

When she talks about her previous boyfriends:
You talk about your previous relationships too.
The past is the past. You're not bothered.
You would have liked to be the first love in her life.

Your girlfriend announces that her new colleague is amazing
You question her, sensing potential danger.
You listen without saying anything. You have great colleagues as well.
You say that's nice, but deep down you're afraid of losing her.

Your friend tells you that you have a very attractive wife:
You feel proud on hearing his comment. You couldn't agree more.
You tell him that his wife is very attractive too.
You reply: “Yes, unfortunately”.

How do you react to jealousy?
With indifference.
With sadness.
With disgust.

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