Uranus in the signs

Written by Mary

Uranus is best known for the "mid-life crisis" that he provokes at age 42, when he has covered half of his life and is about to face his position at the time of birth. Indeed, Uranus indicates the spirit of independence and the receptivity to the collective currents. It is thanks to this planet that we are able to differentiate ourselves from the masses and integrate as an individual. Now, discover the transit of Uranus in Aries on the 12 astrological signs:

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Uranus takes 84 years to complete the tour of the zodiac by staying in each sign for about 7 years. His effects are therefore generational, similar in all people born in the same years, and more or less powerful according to the configuration of each card. But for all, it's an independence at 21, a happy change between 40 and 42 years old, a new takeover of autonomy at 62 years old and, for for those who live long enough, a new start at 84 years!

Uranus in transit announces sudden changes, unexpected reversals, and surprises... When it is well-lived, Uranus gives us the strength to change radically, the way to go to new experiences, and direct our lives to the best of our interests. Ill-faced, it causes troubles, falls, selfishness, a lot of impulsiveness, an eccentricity that can marginalize, accidents, and fires...

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