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The Sign of Pisces
The Sign of Pisces
Astro sign and friendship
Astro sign and friendship
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Ecological tips

Experience platonic love?

  Written by Mary

We all have dreamed of an ideal person, quivered in secret or experienced a romance without ever proceeding to action. But for the moment, are you capable of engaging in a non-consumptive love?

Are you capable of passionate loving, of cultivating fabulous complicity, mutual affection, never daring to go deeper? Do you believe it possible to experience an intense relation innocent from any physical attraction? Could you experience a platonic love relation?

Cancer is perfectly capable of experiencing a platonic love without seeing any problems. Their imagination makes them dream of that special someone. Receiving messages that speak volumes can be enough for them and feed their love. Aquarius can also find happiness in platonic love because they are not dependent on sensuality. They can easily do without it when a beautiful complicity unites them to a beloved person. A Gemini can also find their account in a platonic love provided that they share many other things with their partner.

As for Libra, they can find benefits in platonic love because it will not disappoint, and they will have the feeling of being loved forever. Virgo can be okay with a platonic love because they are not a follower of sensuality. But in the long run, their senses can wake up and make them ask for things to happen in the concrete. Pisces can indulge in a platonic love because they can live it without experiencing the slightest frustration. Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries are not followers of platonic love. These signs need sensuality to seduce and love. They can not deprive themselves for very long. For them, platonic love is an illusory love that makes no sense.

To learn this, answer the several questions of this quizz!

Romantic films:
Bore you to tears. They are useful when you want to have a siesta.
Make you cry. Love is just a dream.
Feed your dreams. Love stories are always so wonderful.

Jealousy is:
Horrible! Love isn't about wanting to own your other half.
Vital in a long-lasting relationship.
Human. When you love, you're afraid of losing the one you love.

In bed with your partner, you tend to:
Concentrate on what you are doing.
Think about work.
Imagine you are with other men/women.

When you are in love, how do you feel?
You feel inspired and as if you are walking on air!
You love someone but want to be loved in return.
You're sad and feel alone.

Do you differentiate between love and desire?
Love is all that counts.
No. The combination of love and desire is ecstasy!
Yes. Desire is only about sex.

What kind of endings do you prefer in a film?
“They got married and had lots of children…” That's a good ending.
Ones where the heroes die at the end, like “Titanic”.
Happy endings.

You're married, but you fall in love with someone else:
You try to forget the person you've fallen for.
You say nothing to your husband/wife and continue to love your virtual lover in silence.
You cannot love without physical contact.

Your partner leaves you:
You continue to love him/her on the quiet.
You shed tears until the wounds heal over.
You're angry. You turn the page and try to forget.

You're in love, but the person you love doesn't know it yet:
You hope he/she will find out one day. You're confident it will happen.
You proclaim your love. You don't want to miss out on happiness.
You love him/her in secret. Love shouldn't need to be declared. (

Which well-known couple do you prefer?
Tristan and Isolde.
Romeo and Juliet
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Experience platonic love? - 1 comment

I like it I don't like it
Aquarius Cupcake, sign for Aquarius
Posted the 23/06/2017 at 20:28
I have platonic love confused with friendship. I would think so, especially since I'm afraid of a wolf in sheep's clothing & plenty of reasons why.
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