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Saturday, January the 18th
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Happy with other people
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Are you an easy girl?

  Written by Olivia

When you meet someone, do you think of it as a one-night-stand or as the love of your life? Would you be the type to keep someone waiting or are you a girl who is "easy"?

Whatever their issues, encounters, and love stories leave a memory that can be unforgettable or bitter. Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius are ignited at first sight, but when the routine sets in, the passion goes out. Aquarius girls love to seduce, but they flee when feelings get involved. Leos are not easy to get except when it comes to partners who can put fortune at their feet. The Libra's quest for great love encourages them to let go on the first date, but if they do not tie the proverbial knot, they will go elsewhere without regret. Taurus and Capricorn need to get to know each other before letting go, and the lucky one must be serious and stable. Scorpios, unlike the legend, are not so easy, because they need a partner who is their equal. Virgo is not the most seductive of the zodiac, but can surprise the most seasoned lovers. Cancer needs a lot of romance to get started, and they are not very difficult to seduce like a Pisces. But keeping them is complicated, unless that special someone is very present without being intrusive.

Use this quiz to find out what you are really like and how you react when you fall under another's charm?

He has just left to go to work. As soon as he's gone, you realise that what you miss about him is:
His voice
His smell
His outlook

You like his:
Cable-knit sweater from his last holiday in Greece
Muscular torso

Which of these book titles do you prefer?
Sex, Love and Friendship
When Sex and Love Become Addictive
Love as Learnt at School

People say you are:
A character

A girlfriend asks you what you think of your ex. You answer her quite frankly…
He's not really right for you
He's romantic
He's good in bed

When invited out one evening, you meet a former boyfriend and dance with him all night. Suddenly, while music that brings back old memories is playing, he kisses you …
You dance with someone else
You feel awkward, but are enjoying this foray back into the past
You're pleased he hasn't forgotten you

For you, what is important in a relationship is …
The magic of that first kiss

You're invited to a friend's birthday party and fall under the charms of a particularly attractive fellow-guest. You …
Would be ready to go to bed with him from the first evening
Wait till you know him better before going back to his place
Soon forget him the next morning

Since you've known him, you like …
Romantic getaways
Moments of intimacy
Shopping trips at the weekend

What is your attitude to going to bed on the first date?
It's the beginning of a great love-affair
Never on the first date!
He could change his mind

Are you an easy girl? - 1 comment

I like it I don't like it
Leo pheme, sign for Leo
Posted the 05/10/2018 at 02:44
i like this. at least i will get to learn what type of person i am.
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