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Monday, December the 16th
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2020 Horoscope
2020 Horoscope
Christmas preparations.
Christmas preparations.
What role do you play in your family?
What role do you play in your family?
What type of parent are you?
What type of parent are you?
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Are you ready for commitment?

Commitment can take place through a personal or collective project. It is linked to a voluntary decision to participate in an action or a goal that is inscribed in the long-term. Whatever the field, commitment aims for and allows sharing.

Are you able to commit yourself in your relationships, at work and with your friends, without the fear of giving up some of your freedom? There are situations where we need to invest ourselves. Are you a person who likes to get involved?

The time has come to discover it by spontaneously answering the following questions.

You want to get a dog:
You follow your heart. You know you will give it a happy life.
You won't be able to go on holiday to Tahiti, so you decide not to get a dog.
You hesitate, as an animal is high maintenance.

Commitment for you is:
Life! When you love someone, you make a commitment. That's natural.
A restriction! There's no way I'm going to have limits imposed on me. I need freedom.
Just a word … Actions are what count. I can give someone my time one day and forget them the next.

A natural catastrophe has happened in your vicinity. They need volunteers to clean up:
You know there will be enough people to help. You would feel superfluous to requirements if you went.
You immediately offer your services.
You want to help but it mustn't take up too much of your time.

A friend calls you. He isn't feeling too good and needs someone to confide in:
You're busy at the moment. You listen distractedly to his grievances, but stay focused on what you are doing at the time.
You tell him you'll come and see him tomorrow and ring off with a cry of relief.
You listen to him on the phone for hours and offer to go round to see him.

Your friend has just been in a car accident and it is Christmas Eve:
You're afraid to go and see him. You spend Christmas with friends to forget about it.
You spend the night at the hospital.
You phone regularly to ask how he is getting on.

You decide to buy a new house with your friend:
You follow your intuition. No need to prevaricate for too long. If you like a house, you don't hesitate for a minute.
You hesitate. You're frightened of making a mistake. You look carefully through the adverts and when you go to see houses, you ask the vendor interminable questions.
Once you have found the house of your dreams, you still have doubts. What if you have made a mistake?

Marriage for you is:
A form of prison! Not my thing! (
Reassuring. You swear to be faithful to each other and that's important.
Pointless … People can love each other without getting married. Commitment isn't about signing a contract.

You've been seeing someone for a few months and he says he would like to see you more often:
He is the love of your life, so you say yes. You're floating on cloud nine.
He is becoming too demanding. You break it off straightaway. (
You want to hold on to your freedom at all costs. Seeing him once every now and then is enough for you.

Your neighbours would like to invite you round more regularly;
You keep some distance. You don't like seeing people too often.
You agree on the principle, but make it clear that it won't be every evening. You have a life as well.
You immediately love the idea! And your door is wide open too!

You are trying to park your car in a line of cars on the street, but it is a tight space:
- You don't hesitate for a minute. You feel you can do it and do the right manoeuvres to get the car into the space.
You don't even try, and look for somewhere else to park.
You try to park the car, but get stressed and the cars behind are getting impatient.

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