The Love Compatibility of Aquarius

Written by Alison

Aquarius, you can only consider romantic relationships in complete independence. You can not stand suspicious, exclusive, or overly predictable partners, or any third-party comments about your love life. Your love of freedom and your original ideas about the couple can make a stable relationship difficult. We need to trust you and allow you to develop your social circle, which is very dear to you.

Now let's see what signs are right for you and which ones may be best avoided for a fulfilling love life.

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The Men:
1st decan
This decan has the art of putting his feelings into perspective. He feels free to love whoever he wants when he wants. What passes most often for debauchery is actually a difficulty in living relationships that do not fit into the classic pattern. This man embodies loving nonconformism. He refuses possessiveness and is very tolerant and united towards the feelings of others.
A Sagittarius woman will understand this strange point of view and will be a good comrade in an adventure for two. She will be captivated by the freedom of tone and action of this irreducible Aquarius of the 1st decan.

2nd decan
It is a "pure and hard" decan. For this man, love is more physical than sentimental. His body needs to exult, but his heart easily gets lost in the emotional meanders. He is an unstoppable, lucid, and voluntary being. He can, however, develop feelings of rare generosity when devoid of the slightest calculation or too personal emotions.
A Gemini woman will be particularly able to understand this Aquarius of the 2nd decan and become fiercely attached to this extraordinary lover whose nuances she will never finish discovering.

3rd decan
This decan has an immense capacity for abstraction, which is revealed according to each case of major assets or weakness. This man is easily influenced because, unconsciously, he is a victim to his emotional turmoil. He can react either by repressing them harshly or by developing a high-level humanism capable of forgetting his own needs to satisfy his partner.
A Libra woman will know how to extract the best of an Aquarius from the 3rd decan while keeping balance in all things. She knows how to appreciate at fair value each effort of this secret man.

The Women:
1st decan
In this decan, love must be a tool of liberation and certainly not of submission. She asserts herself through her originality and imposes particular conceptions. She lets herself be chosen more than she chooses before really rooting her feelings. The relationships she develops are never trivial or ordinary.
An Aries man will be an excellent trigger for passion. He will be fascinated by the complexity of this liberated Aquarian woman from the 1st decan, whom he will admire before even loving her.

2nd decan
She is a free woman who takes little account of the established order in her emotional life. She does not conceive of passing her feelings through a social filter. However, it does not prevent her from being loyal and faithful in her own way. She has a compelling instinct, and what she perceives makes her suspicious of all clich├ęs and even her own emotions. She likes to experiment.
A Gemini man will be a perfect playful partner, neither too heavy nor too distant. He will love the intellectual contests that this duo suggests and will be attached to this Aquarian woman of the 2nd decan, who is out of the ordinary.

3rd decan
This woman, according to the periods of her life, can be dependent. She is a victim of her illusory passions or blind attachments. She is detached from her emotions, without showing any particular will and living according to circumstances. She will find a precarious balance by being understanding and tolerant. She is an idealistic and original lover. A Leo man will know how to extract the best from this type of relationship made of respect, solidarity, and personal will. He will be seduced by the originality of this 3rd decan of Aquarius and touched by her inspiration.

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