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Monday, May the 25th
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2017 horoscope for Leo

Leo: Your 2017 love horoscope

Be your true self!
In 2016, a supercharged sky probably got you down in the dumps and put your back against a wall, making you feel like you are drifting away from your romantic ideal or that circumstances, that are totally independent of your will, are preventing you from loving, and being loved, as you want. Fortunately, since winter 2016, this frustrating situation should have improved a little, putting you back in touch with your emotional life, which had been on its last leg for some. Saturn, however, will continue to put you under pressure, demanding that you go over your romantic feelings with a fine-tooth comb in order to determine whether you feel in line with what's going on around you and what you feel. You can count on this "great teacher of the zodiac" to arm you with an unshakable lucidity that will enable you to stay in the background but will also force you to delve into prickly topics. No more putting anyone else before yourself, Ami Leo, refusing to openly express your personality in your family or your relationship. You will slowly bring this time of personal rebuilding and reconstruction to an end with a more assertive personality, feeling more respected and accepted for who you are.

A breath of fresh air!
You won't always be sheltered from tensions and misunderstandings but can, in 2017, move your romantic life forward in the right direction. This harmonious climate will help you expand your horizons in every aspect of your life, Ami Leo, and look at your life, and love, in a different way. Certain walls and barriers will fall, giving you wings, and allowing you to gain more autonomy. This new burst of momentum could heat up your love-life, helping you to rekindle the flame and restore the bond that you've lost recently. If, however, you choose instead to take back your freedom or give up on the fantasy of a complete romantic bond, you'll be able to count on the stars to give you what you need to do so, though without totally destroying your union, but rather while moving your relationship forward and enabling each person to find their rightful place within the couple.

Great growth ahead!
Up until October 10th, Jupiter will favor productive discussion, giving you the desire to communicate, expand your social circles, and thrive in society or at home. Do take care, Ami Leo, not to let yourself be overwhelmed by those who would seek to take advantage of your generosity. From October 10th on, your main objectives will be bringing your loved ones closer together, setting up a nice, cozy cocoon for you and your lover at home, improving your living conditions, founding a household, or expanding your family, while taking advantage of the warmth of your nest to thrive and live. Up until June, Venus will urge you to change the way you approach love, to move your relationship forward, or to analyze your love-life in order to free yourself from the burden weighing on your relationship or to better understand your fundamental needs and desires in love. Between July 5th and 31st, you and your partner will dream big, spend time with friends, and have fun in good company. After a short period of reflection, some will separate what is really essential to them from what isn't, while others will tend to ruminate over the past. Starting on August 26th, you, however, will start to regain control of your life once and for all.

A constructive - and tender - end to the year to hope for!
You can count on Venus, up until September 20th, to endow you with a wild charm and great powers of seduction. If you stay open and listen to others, to their needs, and your own, you could have some wonderful encounters or start up productive discussion between October 1st and November 7th. You will dedicate the end of the year to taking care of your family and household between November 7th and December 1st. You will finish out this enriching and restless year on a high note between December 1st and 25th, when you will be totally irresistible. This will be your time to make a commitment, find your soulmate, and take flight, launching into 2018 at top speed, Ami Leo, and likely at the top of your game, as well.

1st decan (July 23 - August 2) Seeking a change in structure?
In 2017, you will enjoy clear skies and paths towards settling into a recent relationship, strengthening a former bond, or taking the plunge into love. Nothing will stand in your way or sap your potential, and, starting on October 10th, Jupiter will show up to perpetuate these excellent trends and offer you a chance to build something real and long-lasting!

If you are in a relationship,there seem to be no real conflicts or trouble to be worried about. You should be able to do everything in your power at the start of the year to transform your relationship and, up until June, get in touch with your, and others', emotions, put some spice back in your relationship, placing it on more authentic and profound foundations. During this colorful and emotionally rich first half to the year, you will be constantly assessing and re-assessing what foundations would be best for your relationship to not only function, but to take off. This will be an invaluable period for getting in touch with each other's feelings, experiencing moments of passion, and seriously questioning your usual habits. You will no longer be afraid to dream up big, thrilling plans (and will have no reason not to) between July 5th and 14th, but you will have to take a step back and wait awhile before starting up a new chapter in your romantic life. Between August 26th and September 3rd, Venus will restore your desire to love fully and completely and to openly express your desires. Starting on October 10th, make room, and time, for your family and household. Up until November 25th, you will seek to improve living conditions for yourself and those close to you, to move, to break out. And you will likely get the chance to between November 7th and 15th, and to close out this creative year of growth on the right track. Between December 1st and 9th, you will shine bright, enjoy the pleasure of simply being by your lover's side, and creating, or expanding, your family.

If you are single,you will have the opportunity in 2017 to test your luck without fear of making a mistake. Time, and deep thought, have made your expectations even more demanding and taught you what you truly want to experience and create, so no more getting lost in romances that have no chance of going anywhere. Take advantage of this first half of the year rich in strong emotion and opportunities to stand up to your own limits and taboos to lay the foundations for your future, figure out what relationships are still important to you, and expand your horizons. Up until June, you will be dead set on meeting someone who is as ambitious as you are or on testing how authentic a recent romance really is. Starting in July, priority will be give to making plans, even if, between July 31st and August 9th, you will have to take a step back and look at recent occurrences to see how important they truly are. You won't be afraid of anything anymore between August 26th and September 3rd, when Venus will put you in the limelight, at the top of your game. Starting on October 10th, Jupiter will give you the desire to bring your family closer together, to build your own little, cozy nest (for welcoming that special someone?). Between October 14th and 22nd, you can count on your sense of humor and generosity to rally support and win hearts. Between December 6th and 17th, you will be put in the express lane towards that special someone, armed with an irresistible charm to help you win them over and end 2017 on cloud nine, and in good company.

Second decan (August 3 - 13) Your love-life back on its feet!
Though you may have been afraid, in 2016, of your relationships falling apart, your bonds dissolving, or your love giving way under the pressure of outside circumstances, you should have learned, nevertheless, from this frustrating and oppressive experience, notably: to move forward and grow, to open up new paths for yourself, breathe new life back into your couple, and to get back in touch with your romantic life that has been flagging lately.

If you are in a relationship,you may have felt like your relationship was falling apart under the pressure of recent occurrences. You felt more cynical, less enthusiastic, and figured your love was on its last leg. In 2017, you should enjoy a climate that is much more favorable to your fulfillment, one that will encourage you to break the deadlock, give life some meaning, and your love some momentum, again. Up until June, you will desire to help your relationship grow and will spare no effort in pushing things forward. Daily life may have clipped your wings in 2015, but in 2017, even if things are still tense at home, and the arguments vivid at the beginning of August, you will still seek to sustain your romantic life and should do so successfully; You can count on Jupiter to start up, and elevate, discussion between March 24th and August 20th, and, starting on November 25th, to help your rebuild and restructure your household as you see fit. You will get closer to your lover, and your family, and Venus will put you on the right path up until June, inviting you to dream big between July 14th and 22nd. This delightful planet will shower you in charm and attraction between September 3rd and 11th, encouraging exchange and constructive debate between October 22nd and 30th, and should offer you a thrilling end to the year. You can count, too, on its sensual energy between December 9th and 12th to help you take off for seventh heaven together.

If you are single,you may have been dragging your feet a little, doubting everything, but especially yourself in 2016. Indeed, you likely had to suffer through a few cosmic storms and bouts of depression that could have dampened your enthusiasm and led you to take a cynical look at your romantic life. In 2017, you will enjoy relative cosmic immunity, allowing you to come back to the surface at the top of your game and make up for lost time (which allowed you to grow, mature, and figure out what you need/want). Up until June, you might put a recent romance to the test or try to use your enriching experiences to figure out what you really need and want, and what is just fantasy, which may have made life hard for you. In 2017, it will now be a matter of figuring out how to get on the right track and what path to take to find that special someone. You can count on Jupiter, between March 24th and August 20th, to help you meet great, new people and find your soul mate. Up until June, Venus will push you to transform yourself and change your views on love. Rely on your friends for support between July 14th and 22nd, when, if you've started up a new relationship, you will make plans for the future together. After a short period of withdrawal between August 9th and 17th, which will allow you to learn from your past, you will bounce back, taking center stage at the height of your game between September 3rd and 11th, when it will be all eyes on you! You can count on catching, and holding onto, the attention of someone you've had your eye on this fall. Starting on November 25th, Jupiter will make you want to put down roots and settle down - maybe with your lover? The end of the year looks to be rather inspiring and thrilling, thanks to Venus, especially. Between December 9th and 17th, this planet will put you in orbit around happiness and celestial harmony around the 3rd, when it will multiply your chances for promising relationships.

Third decan (August 14 - 22) Everything's going your way!
Since winter 2016, you have enjoyed currents of promising energy that have helped you tie down a recent, or older, romance and put some oomph, and a little spice, in your love-life. No more resting on your laurels. Instead, continue to pick through your emotions and romantic life with a fine-tooth comb. You will have the luxury, and the desire, to open up new possibilities, expand your horizons, and set new challenges for yourself that could enrich your present - and your future.

If you are in a relationship,the stars have been encouraging you since winter 2016 to throw open the hatches, enabling you to create constructive and open dialog with your partner. You will get to talk about your emotions and feelings and establish, or re-establish, deep harmony to help you build for the future on more solid foundations, keeping in mind the lessons you've learned from your past. You can count on Jupiter up until March 24th, and between August 20th and October 10th, to start up, and elevate discussion, and on Venus, up until June, to give you every chance to see them through to the end. Your shared desire to move your relationship forward together will only strengthen the bond between you both. You will both look towards the same things, dreaming big about the future between July 22nd and 31st. You will take time, and a step back, to look over your past, to see how far you've come between August 17th and 26th and enter a new stage in your love-life between September 11th and 20th. You can count on living your life according to your strong desire to bring stability to your personal life this fall and on whispering sweet nothings together with your lover while getting ready to turn the corner towards 2018, sure of yourself and your choices this winter.

If you are in a relationship,the stars have been encouraging you since winter 2016 make the most out of your past experiences and recent reflection so you can head down the path towards greater stability. No more flitting around. Instead, figure out what structures in your life will help you commit without the risk of getting trapped or bogged down in an oppressive routine. Thanks to this celestial climate that will guide you, enabling you, between now and mid-November 2017, to go deeper and start up a long-term romance, you will be able to accept this challenge. Count on Jupiter to facilitate your interactions with others and to help you meet promising, new people. Up until June, you will do everything in your power to fine-tune, figure out, and assert your romantic ambitions - and make them reality, too. You will be extremely picky in love and will have to wait awhile before you can figure out which path to take. Between July 22nd and 31st, you will get back in touch with those who have remained loyal to you, with your friends, having fun and taking advantage of this exaltation to make plans for your love-life if you have someone in mind, or in heart. Take a much-needed break between August 17th and 26th to figure out what is truly essential to you and what isn't and clean house, eliminating the debris left over from the past. Starting on September 11th, you will enter a new stage of romantic growth. You will shine in all your glory and make a strong impression on anyone you wish. Open yourself up and listen to others, starting up a constructive debate that will serve your desire (for closeness) between October 30th and November 7th. At the end of the year, Venus will endow you with an irresistible charm and give your libido a boost between December 17th and 25th. It'll be up to you then to make a few sparks fly and light the fire, if it isn't already.

My advice:

This year will invite you to give priority to what is really essential and do your utmost to get rid of old, outdated belief systems or constraints that hold you back from truly thriving. Under Saturn's watchful eye, there'll be no more flitting here and there for you or taking love lightly. Instead, it will be time to commit in a relationship that makes sense for you and helps you grow personally - and together!

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